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Table of Contents
6th grade FACTS
7th grade FACTS
Essay Questions
Skeleton Match
Eyewitness Skeleton
Dem Bones
Chem Notes
Skeleton Quiz
Ecology of a Barn Owl
10. 3 owl pellet worksheets
11. Owl Reading with
12. Unit 2 Pre-assessment
13. Animal Research
Diversity Riddles
Riddle #1
I move slowly when I am young but very
quickly when I am an adult. I eat flying
insects, which I hunt near water. I have
to be a strong flyer to catch my food.
When I stretch my four wings, I look
like a helicopter. I have two more legs
than a dog and very large eyes. I am
coldblooded and have an exoskeleton
(skeleton on the outside). Sometimes I
am very colorful.
Who am I?
Riddle #2
I can walk, run, and swim. I can see
well, but my sense of smell is not
very sharp. I am warm-blooded and
very adaptable (I can live in many
environments). I really enjoy
changing my environment. I care for
my young for many years. I stand
Who am I?
Riddle #3
I must live in damp or wet places, avoiding the
dry heat of summer and the cold of winter. If
I am living in a cold climate, I become dormant
in the winter. If I am female, I produce young
by laying eggs in water. I survive by eating any
moving thing that I can swallow. I can sing
very well. Some of my close relatives can
secrete a sticky, white poison that can kill or
paralyze dogs or other enemies who may try to
eat them!
Who am I?
Riddle #4
I live in lakes, marshes, salt bays, and on
beaches. I eat mostly fish and crustaceans.
Although I can fly, I catch fish only by
swimming. My great throat pouch is handy for
scooping up fish. I fly by alternating several
flaps of my wings with a glide. I always fly with
my head hunched behind my shoulders. I nest
on the ground in colonies. I have a wingspan of
2 to 3 meters. My close cousins live only by the
ocean, but I can venture inland. I am happy to
report that these cousins are growing in
number, even though they suffered from DDT
(pesticide) poisoning a few years ago.
Who am I?
Riddle #5
I have a very high body temperature. My feet
are well adapted for grasping things. I have
four toes on each foot: two point forward
and two point backward. I have stiff, spiny
tail feathers that act as a prop when I hunt
food. I eat tree-boring insects, ants, acorns,
flying insects, berries, and sap. My home,
which I make myself, is a hole in a tree. I use
my bill to chisel away the wood.
Who am I?
Riddle #6
I have pointed, green stalks above the
ground, and a rounded, brown bulb
below the ground. People must pull me
out of the soil in order for me to be
useful to them. Cooks use me to
improve the taste of food. If people bite
me, I bite back by making their eyes
Who am I?
Riddle #7
I live in cold, well-oxygenated water. I am
a fast, strong swimmer. I am slim, sleek,
and colorful. I am a carnivore because I
mostly eat insects and small members of
my own kind. I spawn my eggs during the
spring in small, clear streams. I am coldblooded.
Who am I?
Riddle #8
I undergo wondrous changes during my
life. At the beginning, I am a sweetsmelling, pink-and-white blossom. Later, I
am a hard, green ball that makes people’s
eyes water and their mouth pucker if
they try to eat me. Finally, I become a
sweet, juicy, red, green, or yellow fruit.
One of these eaten a day keeps the
doctor away!
Who am I?
Riddle #9
I am a big animal. My mass is about 225
kilograms. My tail is only about 15 cm long. I
am dark in color. Generally, I live on forest
floors and in thickets. When it starts to get
really cold, I enter my shelter for the winter. I
do not have very good eyesight. I do have
keen senses of hearing and smell. Those senses
help me find lots of food. I love small animals,
insects, garbage, leaves, grasses, berries, fish,
nuts, and fruit.
Who am I?
Riddle #10
I am warm-blooded and hairy. I feed milk to my
young. I chew my cud and have a complex
stomach. The males of my kind have huge,
branching antlers.I have a heavily- maned neck.
Humans, wolves, and mountain lions are my
only enemies. Mountain lions usually will not
attack me if I am fully grown. My young are
not camouflaged from these enemies until
their winter hair grows out. Sometimes you
can hear the males of my kind give a highpitched bugle call. If this call is answered by
another male, a battle may follow!
Who am I?
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