The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang
Yoon Illsang
The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom broadcasted on
CBS and is in it’s 5th Season. The story is about four
eccentric men who are brilliant scientists and the
woman who lives next door.
Leonard Hofstadter, who is an experimental
physicist, is the most normal person among the
four eccentric men. So he is the bridge between the
rest of them and the world.
He fell in love at first sight with Penny, the woman
across the hall. He goes out with her in a couple of
Sheldon Cooper 
is a theoretical physicist and
Leonard’s roommate. He surprisingly has five
doctoral degrees and is very proud of his high
He has various eccentric behaviors with extreme
individualism and mysophobia. He always shows off
his knowledge and is arrogant and rude but he is
not perfect in every aspect.
Howard Wolowitz is Jewish and he lives with his
mother. He is a lanky man who sticks to wearing
skinny jeans and turtlenecks, and tries to hit on a
girl in any situation. He is the only one who has a
master's degree among them and works as an
Rajesh Koothrappali was born with a silver spoon in
his mouth in India. He has elective mutism so he
can’t talk in front of women. However, when he
drinks alcohol he is masterful at talking to women.
Penny, who is dreaming of becoming an actress, is
a beautiful blonde and a neighbour with Leonard
and Sheldon. She now is working at the Cheese
Cake Factory to cover her costs of living.
Thought she puts out an air of ingenuous beauty
when she talks with those guys, she is very kind
and understanding towards them.
This sitcom gives us a loud laugh because of each
character’s peculiar faces, habits, and behaviors.
Besides, they all lack in some aspects so they gain