MSDS energy battery pack

New nano-composite cathode material LiFePo4 battery
Advanced crystallization of ultrafine particles with coated carbon technology enhance the conductivity
Ultra-nano-particle battery materials
Enhance the efficiency of the battery
charge and dischargeUltrafine particles
of crystalline carbon coating
Coating with Carbon
Significantly reduce the battery's internal
resistance to 10%
High current output is not heating up
Observed by a times microscope
Breakthrough charging efficiency in 10 minute
Battery capacity increased by 25%, and dual-technology create long battery life
1 Innovative battery manufacturing
2 numbers of leading technologies
3 advanced in Nano-Dispersion
blending technology
4 ultra slim positive and negative
coating technology
5 brand- new electrolyte with superconductive efficiency
6 multiple complex technology ensure
absolute safety battery
7 fast charging up to 6C
8 EV battery capacity up to 5 years
beyond 80%
9 high capacity of solar battery exceed
in the field
10 Solar Battery life over 10 years
New various design on high-performance battery
1865155(12.5AH) for Electric Bus, EV
1865105(8.0AH) for EV, E-Moto
185465(4.2AH) for E-Bike, Electric Tools
185465(4.6AH for) solar storage, Mobile
R&D target:
First, absolute safety. Second, super power. Third, advanced environmental protection
Pass through the examination of ROHS in EUR.
Pass through the USA UL1642 class1
High temperature
safety tests
Fully charged battery put into the oven,
then Heated to 150 degrees Celsius for
30 minutes. (UL standard is 10 minutes)
NO combustion
NO explosion
Acupuncture safety test
use the crude nails in pressure penetrated
fully charged battery. Without combustion
NO combustion NO explosion
Crash safety tests
fully charged battery was pressed by
iron rods, then falling down from high
place without combustion and
NO combustion NO explosion
Short-circuit safety test
fully charged battery was with shortcircuit between positive and negative
without burning or explosion
NO combustion NO explosion
battery safety tests
continuing charging in high-voltage and
high-current until the battery broke down.
Without explosion and combustion.
NO combustion NO explosion
commercials value exists on absolute safety
Slice collection
Positive level + Isolation membrane +
negative level
Battery aluminum shell
Battery assembled
Special Note:
Batteries are not required to put the fuse in internal and external,
and completely passing through the safest test of UL1642 Class.
The actual test with 10 minutes fast charge, please refer to "institute test report"
P6-class fast 10-minutes rechargeable battery compares with the efficiency ratio of
1 hour fast charge can be over 85% (new arrival)
P3-20 minutes quick charge battery (up to 87%) is in mass production, please refer to
test report ITRI
1 hour fast charge, and 1 hour fast discharge, simulate working four years later.
Battery capacity retention rate is 94.6%, continuing in ...
After charging 10 minutes, the capacity can up to 85%
Because of strong power output, large power drill can replaced by a
small power drill Ultra-light battery reduces the weight to half but
doubles work, Enhanced battery’s weight is equal but increase four
times in working
10 minutes quick charge can travel 30 to 35 km
Super strong power output, completely replace the 50cc motorcycle
10 minutes quick charge equal a hair dryer (1500W in 10 minutes)
10 minutes quick charge can travel 80 to 90 km
Super-strong power output completely replace the 150cc motorcycle
The new rescue design only 5 minutes (40%) docking charge by two
E-BUS electric bus running 250km for 18 hours a day
30 minutes quick charge can travel half a day about 120 kilometers
The new rescue design, only 5 minutes (30 km) docking charging by two vehicles
20 minutes quick charge and discharge cycle life test
20 minutes quick charge, 20 minute quick discharge, simulation two-year work life.
Battery capacity retention rate is 86.3%, still continuing in ...
New technology New battery
Create best performance
high volte low current high efficiency
low wastage Super power Fast start
high strength climbing
Low motor temperature Stronger torque
battery does not heat sliding and braking
reserve charge make the running distance
increase by 25%
Each charge can travel 120 to 150 km
Charging cost is 15~20% as much as
gasoline costs
EV new design conceptLiFePo4 power battery 358V-50Ah
350 KW inverter motor strength horsepower quick speed up20 minutes fast
charge drive more than 100 km
Micro precision battery management system (BMS)
New concept of water-cooled of battery balancing system
Vehicle configuration with 7 battery boxes and BMS
3.2V-50AH Battery set
Battery management system Battery balance system 51V-50AH Battery box
Assembled battery 358V-50AH
High volt, High performance, New BNS challenge
112 series high-358V battery voltage group
448 battery life performance of the same assembly
Battery in use after 3 to 5 years should be maintained to
Accurate real-time scanning 112 Battery Group
Accurate calculation of the effective capacity of battery
Detection and calculation of the total output voltage and
Single high pressure and low battery alarm
Dynamic analysis of the pressure group series battery
Scan and detect the internal temperature of the battery
Sent to the vehicle computer by CAN communication
Ensure 7-year life of BMS
BMS connection with the operation of real-time
Automatically detects the battery charging
Automatic balance battery charge current of
each group
Automatic switching fast charging and balance
Best balance range of dropout voltage is 20 mV
Auto stop reverse charging balance
Automatically detect anomalies and alert
After balance more than 95% of capacity of
Long-standing automatically added power
Ultra-high capacity battery GC Energy actual test, please refer to "institute test report"
E46-class ultra-high capacity battery than the batteries in the industry beyond the 18% to 27
(new arrival)
High-capacity LiFePo4 battery Advantages ︰
1 low internal resistance, the best charging efficiency i
2 charging platform stability, without step-up charge
3 storage efficiency is more than other batteries 25 to 35%
4 cycle life up to 10 years
ultra-high brightness、light up three kilometers available、ultra-light weight
Super bright HID main light could illuminate 100 minutes, LED assisted light
illumination 100 hours
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