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Annual Conference
Monday, October 17th, 2011
Nancy Prater
Alabama Power Company
Science Suitcase
Hands-on activity kit
• Materials
• Instructions
• Teacher Guide
Science Suitcase
Hands-on activity kit
• Available from
Alabama Power to
public, private and
parochial schools
• Over 300 Suitcases
Delta Nutshells
Weather Wise
Grades 3-6
Students learn about
different types of clouds
and experiment with
forecasting. They measure
rainfall, surface wind speed
and air temperature and
explore humidity and dew
ACOS:S: 3rd- 12; 4th- 8;
6th- 1, 2
Delta FOSS
Grades 1-2
Explore the natural world
by using simple tools to
observe and monitor
change. Build devices that
use moving air to function,
including balloon rockets,
kites, and whirligigs.
ACOS:S: 1st- 1, 2, 3, 8, 11;
2nd- 1, 4, 9, 10, 11; 3rd12
Delta Science
Grades 5-6
Students construct devices
to measure local weather,
set up group weather
stations, and then use the
data to forecast upcoming
ACOS:S: 6th- 1, 3
Program Details
How long can you keep the material?
These interactive science kits, VHS
tapes, DVDs and books can be checked
out for a two to four-week period
Program Details
How are they distributed?
Science Suitcases will be shipped to the
Alabama Power customer service office
nearest you for pickup
Welcome to the Water Course
Tour the Water Course
Admission is FREE
1. First, There Was Water
2. Waste Not, Want Not
3. Water Course One
4. River Critters
5. Who Does What
6. Message In the Bottle
7. Mitchell Dam Tour
8. Renew Our Rivers
9. Water Whys, The Game Show
10. Red Cockaded Woodpecker
• FREE electrical safety program
• Ideal for 4th graders & up
•Endorsed by the Alabama Board of Education
• Teachers and students receive free educational
materials after presentation
• Presented by Alabama Power employees
•Any date/time best for the teacher
Kim Savage
Public Safety Program Manager
(205) 257-1201
(800) 806-SAFE (7233)
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