OptiM2M offer - Schneider Electric

OptiM2M solution
for remote monitoring of machines
The world-class
monitoring service
for you and your
Your challenges
● Improve control and visibility of your
equipments data
● Get the right information at the right
time and take the right decision
● Reduce maintenance costs
● Spot performance irregularities
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Our solution
To help addressing
these challenges,
Schneider Electric
launches OptiM2M
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Your need:
Easy and secure
remote visibility into
the machine data of
your customers in
diverse locations.
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Our solution:
OptiM2M, our simple
web-based solution
for remote monitoring
of machines from
anyplace in the
Unrivalled quality of
machine service for
your customers, with
reduced reaction
times and attractive
maintenance plans.
is an easy and ready to use solution that
allows you:
● Managing a pool of machines or equipments in
location worldwide
● Monitoring and analysing machine and installation
● Accessing to machine data everywhere in the world in
a SaaS (Software as a service) mode
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Just install and go!
● Create your
machine model
● Register your
● Deploy your
machine modem
● Operate your
machine data
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A complete cloud solution in a
single box
Professional support right from the
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How it works ?
Data center
Kelowna - CANADA
Data center
Les Ulis - France
Web browser
M2M Portal
Web browser
Private APN
+ encrypting
Modbus master
RS 232
Modbus protocol
Stand alone
Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date
What OptiM2M concretely does?
● Asset (Machines) & Device (Modem) monitoring
Acquisition of variables (up to 410 per modem)
Display of the pool of machines and modems
Monitoring dashboard based on pre-defined widgets
Event management (up to 128 per modem), event lists
Historical data (2 years)
● Configuration of Machine
● Definition of Machine models, including communication
strategy definition
● Deployment of Machine models onto modem
● Administration
● Device registration
● Account management
● Users profiles
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In other words…
You will be able to get fast answers to the
following questions:
● How is the equipment used?
● Does it need maintenance?
● Is it about to fail?
● Should I send a technician?
● How long has the equipment been running?
● Has it been operated outside of permitted limits?
● Are the consumables running low?
● Is the machine performing poorly?
● Is the energy consumption going up?
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Concrete business value
We offer you the key to increase your business and
stay one step ahead
from your competitors by allowing you:
Measure the performance of your machines
Anticipate any performance irregularities
Avoid machine failure and therefore machine downtime (=
interruption of in-come)
Create a real differentiator of your machines
The savings resulting from an efficient monitoring of
Your machines bring a swift and secure return on investm
> More business: You gain money by avoiding
to spend it!
> More customers: You gain customers
because you control your performance
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A way to develop new business
“I am installing my coffee machines in hotels and
restaurants for free during one year period. Thanks
to an M2M solution I am able to control the
consumption of my coffee by my end users and boost
the sales.
The M2M solution allows me also to anticipate any
machine failure and therefore avoid an unplanned
downtime and the cost to repair.”
Coffee Manufacturer
“I am selling critical machines for water
pumping. Any interruption of those machines may
cost 5% of production to my end user.
Offering a mastered preventative maintenance
plan was a decisive factor of choice for my end
user. Thanks to my machine remote monitoring
offer I was able to easily meet this challenge.”
“I am offering to my end users a 3 years
maintenance contract on my machines. By
being able to measure the key indicators
that alert me if my machine is about to
fail, I am able to adjust the
irregularities and avoid potential cost
of repair.
I am also saving the cost of travel of
my technicians as I send them only if I
am sure that it worth it!”
HVAC Customer - Italy
Pumping machines OEM - Spain
Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date
Your benefits
Increased profitability by reducing
maintenance cost
machine productivity
Setup Advanced Service Contracts
Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date
Make the most
of your energy
Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date
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