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Chinese Art
Felicia, Hayley and Juna
Chinese Art by Felicia
Chinese art began more than 4,000 year ago. That is pretty
amazing that art is that old. Chinese art comes in many
different forms such as painting, sketching, Cray pas,
portraits, and still life. This is very familiar to the U.S because
the art in the U.S is similar to the art in China. Chinese art is
based on landscapes and nature. Calligraphy is one of the
major arts in China. China’s paintings are of fish, frogs, deer,
birds and flowers. Another popular art form is carving wood
and stone. They also made fancy costumes and masks for the
Peking Opera.
Chinese Art by Hayley
Pottery and sculptures are very popular in China.
Dragons are one of the most loved forms to draw/paint in China.
Chinese art began more than 4,000 years ago.
Art in China is very expensive.
Buddhism is an influence on Chinese people to do art.
In ancient China, they liked to paint animals, flowers, rocks and
water to express the relationship between people in nature.
 Chinese usually paint things with the color blue.
 The Chinese people first found clay on the banks of the yellow
river and Yangtze river.
Chinese Art by Juna
 Dragons are one of the most popular art forms in China. The Chinese created different
sizes and colors, and they each represented something special. The
 Chinese believe that dragons are good and scare bad spirits away.
Calligraphy is a beautiful art form in China. This was a historical popular art form for
countless years. On old, ancient, Chinese pictures, there are little characters at the top. If
you look closely, you will find this art form beautiful as well.
 Pottery and sculptures are also one of the most popular art forms in China. It has been in
China for many years, and is also very beautiful.
 No one can beat the rich, cultural, history of Chinese art, which is very complicated and
 As you see Chinese art, it is usually painted in red, which is a very lucky color in China.
Chinese Calligraphy
Colin, Mack and Rick
Chinese Calligraphy by Colin
I can’t believe that it’s easy for Chinese people to write
calligraphy. It is hard for Americans to learn calligraphy. In
school, the kids learn more than 3,000 characters. I think it’s
a little bit strange that Chinese kids learn that much
Chinese Calligraphy by Mack
Calligraphy is an ancient Chinese art form. As early as 4000
years ago Chinese characters were used on bones or tortoise
shells. Chinese children learn 3000 characters the first six
years. Chinese characters are the oldest script in the World,
which is still being used today.
Chinese Calligraphy by Rick
Calligraphy is an oriental art that is 4 to 5 thousand years old.
There are artists in the west who understand the abstract
beauty of Chinese calligraphy art who believe Chinese
calligraphy is the most ancient and condensed of all arts.
Calligraphy is one of the four basic skills and disciplines of
the Chinese literati. Zhong Yao is known as the father of
regular script. Wang Xizhi is the greatest calligrapher of all
time. Calligraphy is one of the highest forms of Chinese art.
Chinese Celebrations
Karen and Tatum
Chinese Celebrations by Karen
 Chinese people celebrate a holiday called the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat is
40 to 100 feet in length. The heads are shaped like a dragon opening its mouth, and the
back has a scaly tail. Depending on the length of the Dragon Boat, 80 rowers can fit in
the boat.
One popular belief is when the dragon wakes up, the dragon will fly in the sky to bring
the spring rain to the crops. Chinese New Year starts on January 21 to February 20th.
Chinese people use a calendar called the Lunar that follows the moon. At the Chinese
New Year festival, they throw firecrackers at the dragon’s feet to keep them awake for the
celebration. On Chinese New Year, Chinese people eat a vegetarian dish called jai.
There is a tradition that every family in China thoroughly cleans their house to sweep
away any bad luck so the good luck will come in smoothly.
Some windows and doors will be decorated with lots of pretty stuff like: color paper
cuts and hang the words “ happiness,’’ “ wealth,’’ and “ longevity.’’
Chinese New Year is a very happy holiday. I’m sure you would like it.
Chinese Celebrations by Tatum
Chinese New year is the longest and most important festival in the lunar
calendar. This year is the year of the rabbit. One of the beliefs is that the
exploding noise of firecrackers will scare away all the evil spirits and
misfortune. The fifth day of Chinese New Year is called po-woo. Every
Chinese household should have live plants for good luck. On the sixth to
tenth day of Chinese New Year they visit their relatives and friends.
Children in China get red envelopes on Chinese New Year that have
money inside. Chinese New Year starts with a new moon. The lanterns
festivals are a nighttime festival where children hold lanterns in a parade.
On Chinese New Year Chinese families decorate their living room with
vases of pretty blossoms, platters of oranges and tangerines and a candy
tray with eight varieties of dried sweet fruit.
Food and Drink
Judith, Margaret and Emily
Chinese Food and Drink by Judith
 Meat is the main diet for the Bai people of China. Although there are many different religions
in the USA, we all eat many of the same foods.
Tea is a very popular drink for the Bai people. In the USA, we don’t have any real popular
Cheese isn’t a typical Chinese food. In the USA, we use cheese for so many things!
The Chinese farmers were probably the ones who invented the rice patties. If any food was
invented now in the USA, American farmers probably weren’t the one’s who would have
invented it!
The chicken in China is served with the head, feet and tail. In the USA, we don’t eat our
chicken with the feet! That seems gross to me!
“Nian Gao” is a sweet, sticky rice pudding. I wonder if it’s better then the USA’s rice pudding.
The Chinese eat frog, snake, dog and cat meat. In the USA, we wouldn’t even dream of that as
a typical food!
Desserts are not common in China. My favorite part of dinner is the dessert!
The usual food settings on the table are: a rice bowl, a pair of chopsticks, a Chinese porcelain
soupspoon, a smaller dish for dips, and a teacup. In the USA, we have forks, knives, spoons,
bowls or plates!
Chinese Food and Drink by Margaret
For meals, people sat close to each other at a low table. The older people get served first. I don’t really
know why but I think that is because the older people need food served quicker, so they don’t have to wait
so much.
Poor people in China eat millet, rice, sorghum and wheat. On the Internet, it said that
poor people ONLY eat rice, meat, sorghum, wheat, and millet. The word only really stood out to me
because in America, poor people eat nothing. In America, for the poor people it would be delicious food. I
really was surprised when I saw that information on the Internet.
People in China found out that peaches taste delicious. They also found out that peaches are healthy for
you as well as delicious. Wow! Thanks for China! I really love peaches. China also found the taste of
cucumber. I also really like cucumbers. I eat them whole every night.
One of China’s best inventions was ice cream. I really like ice cream too. They are one of my favorite
desserts. They used rice, milk, spices, and snow to make these delicious treats.
Did you know that pasta was invented in China more than 3,000 years ago? I thought that pasta came from
Italy. I love pasta. Lots of other people like pasta too.
Tea is also very popular in China too. People drink tea for every meal. I always wondered if people in
China got tired of drinking tea about 3 times a day.
Chinese Food and Drink by Emily
 Rice was the first food ever made in china. Everyone eats rice
in China. Chinese people have been drinking tea for 4,000
years and they still do. They don’t put milk in their tea. Wow!
They drink a lot of tea.
 Most meals have rice, noodles and dumplings. When Chinese
people eat meals together they sit close to one another at a
low table. It is nice that everyone has to be at the table before
they eat together.
Sports and Games
Jackson and William
Sports and Games by Jackson
There are many games and sports that come from China. Martial arts are very
popular in China. Acrobatics are very popular in China, they are also popular in
the USA. Tug of war can be played all over China, in the USA people play it but
it is not very popular. Soccer is very popular in China. I knew that soccer was
the most popular sport in the world but I never knew that soccer was popular in
China. Did you know that more people in China like the English soccer team
Manchester United than the people in the UK? Did you know that the 2008
Olympic summer games were held in Beijing, China? Tai Chi is a Chinese
martial art that people practice in the park. Rong Guotan was China’s first
worldwide sports champion, he played ping-pong. The Badminton open is one
of China’s most popular sporting events. Rugby Union has been played in China
for over 150 years. Cricket has been played in China since the 16th century.
Sports and Games by William
An emperor named Tluizong celebrated his birthday with a
soccer match between royal teams. Therefore, soccer must
have been around for a long time. A lot of Chinese people
swim. I don’t like swimming that much because I get very
tired and have trouble breathing a little bit. Chinese people
created a game called Chinese checkers. Someone from
America must have liked the idea of Chinese checkers and
brought them to America.
Lucy and Cassandra
History by Lucy
The Great Wall of China has been part of Chinese history
for2000 years. That is very long! It is the only man made
sculpture that has been seen from the moon. The first
Emperor built the Great Wall. His name was Qin Emperor.
The Great Wall is made of stone. China built and rebuilt the
Great Wall. There are people buried inside the Great Wall,
because they died when they were building it! It is amazing
how they worked so hard. The Great Wall of China is 5,500.3
miles long. That is really long! The Chinese are very proud of
this part of their history.
History by Cassandra
Qin dynasty gave away his land to a family of rulers. The
oldest dynasty is the Xia dynasty. In 1911 the Chinese
decided not to let the emperors rule anymore. The
communist party still rules China. China started to trade
silk. The first Chinese emperor started in 221 B.C. Mao
Zedong led the communist revolution then ruled China from
1949 to 1976.
Nate and Romy
Inventions by Nate
China has invented many of the world’s inventions. Some of
these inventions are the umbrella, flamethrower, fire works
and gunpowder. A lot of Chinese inventions were made
during dynasties. A dynasty is a powerful family that ruled
over China many years ago. China invented many useful
inventions such as the clock, paper, compass and medicine.
Many games were invented in China such as chess and
Inventions by Romy
China invented many things such as ice cream, the flame-thrower, the
compass and many more inventions. Many inventions were invented
during dynasties. A dynasty is a family that ruled over China many years
ago. Dynasties must have been very, very powerful, because when they
ruled China, China invented many useful inventions. China also invented
the abacus, the game of chess, and the clock. China is a very smart
country to invent a time-telling machine. Some of the really useful
inventions that China invented are the yoke, the furnace, and iron. China
also invented many fun things like the diablo and the hot air balloon. The
yoke is the stick with two buckets on the end. It is used for carrying
things. A diablo is a string with something that you can toss around on
the string.
Ernesto and Ian
Jobs by Ernesto
China has supermarkets so people need to work the cash
register. A lot of Chinese people are farmers. Farmers plant
vegetables and raise farm animals. Without farms we would
have no supermarkets. They have doctors that help cure
people. Some doctors use acupuncture to cure headaches.
They have teachers to teach kids. They have artist to paint
pictures. They have soldiers in case of a war.
Jobs by Ian
Fish farmers raise fish in special ponds. Other farmers grow
rice, tea, wheat, or vegetables. Workers spend their days
working the water wheel. If people didn’t do their share of
work they would lose their land. People worked to pull water
uphill using a wheel like mechanism. Most people in China
worked in fields. Country people are farmers.
Song and Dance
Douglas and Morgan
Song and Dance by Douglas
Chinese music is based on a scale of five notes. There are lots
of different dances in Chinese culture. They dance a lot at the
Chinese New Year. Dance and music is very important to
Chinese people. In their festivals they dance and sing songs.
One dance is called the ribbon dance. They use red ribbons
and they twirl around with them.
Song and Dance by Morgan
Chinese music is based on a scale with five notes. In china
music is very important. In the spring festival a person in a
lion suit dances. Songs with only vocals are expressed with
rhythmic music. Some of the Chinese instruments are called
a lute and an ancient harmonica.
Chinese Toys
Ben and Hana
Chinese Toys by Ben
China made a battery called 15-B 1960s Marx big shot. It is a
battery that makes a toy move. They also made video glasses
that could make you see a movie, video and play video
games! I think it’s cool that in China they could express their
hopes and desires with toys. There is so much more that
China made such as a beach ball. They also made a Buzz Light
Year toy from a TV show. And they made a shock pen, it’s a
pen that shocks you.
Chinese Toys by Hana
China has invented many, many toys. They invented the kite,
dominos, what we now call the hacky sack, and the jump
rope .The Chinese used dominos to tell the future. They also
invented playing cards and tricycles. It is good that they
invented tricycles because little kids can learn how to ride
bicycles. They also invented the razor scooter, and drinking
Chinese Religion and Beliefs
Xavier and Sophie
Chinese Religions and Beliefs by Xavier
Confucius was born in 511 BCE. When Confucius was 15
years old, he was interested in learning. It was hard for
Confucius to learn because he was not rich. He started to
work for the rich, and was able to go to school and travel. He
became a private, important teacher. His beliefs became
known as Confucianism. He taught people how to be nice to
each other.
Chinese Religions and Beliefs by Sophie
Buddhism is the religion based on Buddha (the awakened
one) who was once a monk. It’s a religion from India, and it
spread to China. They don’t believe in god but believe in
meditating. He was a prince too! Buddha was originally from
India. He was very rich. He taught people to be kind to each
other. There was once a guy named Confucius who was like
Buddha except he was originally from China.
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