I Wonder….Poem

Brainstorm things you wonder about and
questions you have about a topic, event, life,
• Turn your questions into a poem!
• Share your poem with others by posting on
the literacy “I Wonder..” bulletin board or
reciting on the morning announcements!
Take a look at a few examples!
I wonder why the grass is green
And why the wind is never seen?
Who taught the birds to build a nest
And told the trees to take a rest?
Or when the moon is not quite round
Where can the missing bit be found?
Who lights the stars, when they blow out
And makes the lighting flash about?
Who paints the rainbow in the sky
And hangs the fluffy clouds so high?
Why is it now, do you suppose
That dad won't tell me if he knows?
I wonder why a bird can fly…..
and yet, not I
A fish can swim beneath the sea …
but yet, not me.
The hoot owl sees in the dark of night…
yet, I must use a light.
It does not seem quite right…
yet……”I can wonder!”
I wonder why the sun shines bright,
In the early morning after night.
I wonder why the ants are small,
Red and black, I mean them all.
I wonder why the moon shines
It's such a beautiful sight!
I wonder about everything I see,
Except about me!
I wonder why the star shines bright,
When the world looks, it sparks
with light.
I wonder why the clouds are high,
Up above the gleaming sky.
I wonder why the grass is green,
So beautiful I have ever seen.
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