1. What is religion?


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Real Life Situations and Knowledge Questions: Religion


Directions: Go to the following website. http://www.theoryofknowledge.net/areas-of-knowledge/religious-knowledge-systems/real-life-issuesand-knowledge-questions-religious-knowledge-systems/

Click on the article that is under each “heading” and answer the following questions for each.

1. What is religion?

What constitutes a religion?

Why is it important for religious organizations to be labeled as an ‘official’ religion?

Who should decide what is – and what isn’t – religion?

What’s the difference between a cult and a religion?

2. Freedom of T-shirt wearing

Should freedom of speech and expression have limitations?

What should come first: our right to say what we like, or the sensitivities of other people?

Who should decide what is, and what is not, allowed to be said?

3. The appeal of conversion

Why do people convert to other religions?

How does adopting a faith-based outlook enrich our knowledge of the world?

Do people convert out of love or the divine or love of other humans?

How much do we really know about other religions?

4. Faith and wonder

Does a scientific approach to understanding universe negate a feeling of wonder of it?

Is ‘awe’ a religious concept?

Is atheism and wonder mutually exclusive?

Is faith created by doubt or certainty?