AZcendant Observatory

AZcendant Observatory
Rancho Hidalgo New Mexico
(See my Web site at
• Bill Yates. He asked me to buy his telescopes when he
found he had pancreatic cancer. Thanks Bill. We miss
you... The telescopes at the site are the ones you used.
• Bernard Miller. His presentation to EVAC a few months
ago was essential in showing how this could be done
and showing what equipment would be needed for
remote control. Thanks Bernard!
• Gene Turner (and Loy Bear), owner/operator of Rancho
Hidalgo and Granite Gap, perhaps the best location in
the US for dark skies and excellent seeing conditions.
Thanks Gene and Loy for making all this possible!
Rancho Hidalgo
Hidalgo County, NM.
Southernmost county
of New Mexico.
Moving In and Setting Up
Remote Controlled Power Switch
Inside the Warm Room
Video Cams are Essential
Must be able to re-sync scopes
Meade LX-200
Take image of random place in sky - overhead
preferably. Use video cams to determine scope
position. Make sure you have some stars. 
2. Do not move the scope.
3. Upload image and do plate solve using either:
B.[email protected]/
(an Astrometry group on flickr)
4. Use found coordinates to sync the scope remotely.
Must be able to re-sync scopes
CGE Mount
Set “Last-align” using remote controlled solenoids to push keypad buttons
Remote Controlled Power Switch Devices that are being controlled
Some Early Images
First test image, M42,
Early Test Image, M42, LRGB
• Dark skies, superb “seeing”, wonderful
• I knew I wanted to be an astronomer when
I was in the 4th grade…
• This observatory exceeds any life-long
astronomy dreams I had as a kid!
• You could do this too!
• Call Gene Turner at 575-548-0065 to see
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