Chapter 10 * Nationalism and Sectionalism

Chapter 10 – Nationalism and Sectionalism
• How did economic policies after the War of 1812
reflect the nationalism of the period?
• What characterized the Era of Good Feelings?
• What were the various issues that promoted
• How did the Supreme Court under John Marshall
strengthen the federal government and the national
• What were the main diplomatic achievements of these
What Characterized the Era of Good Feelings?
• James Monroe (1817-1825)
• Democratic-Republican
• Last President from the “revolutionary generation”
• Last president to dress in the old style.
• The United States was at peace and in a state of well
• Term coined during a goodwill tour of New England
• The Republican party was completely dominant
• Monroe accepted the Bank of the US and protective
tariff and allowed the National Road to be extended
• HOWEVER, he vetoed a bill that would have given
congress the authority to collect tolls to pay for repair
and maintenance
What were the various issues that
• Nationalism turns to Sectionalism
• 1819
• More land means a debate over the extension of
• Financial panic of 1819
• Controversy over Missouri Statehood
• short-term solution
• Cotton Culture and expansion of Slavery
• An Urban Middle Class emerges in the North
United States Land Acquisitions between 1800 and 1860
The End of an Era
• In the election of 1824, with no political party to
contend against, the Democrat-Republicans turned on
themselves and ran four candidates for the
• The election resulted in no one winning an electoral
majority, and the election was thrown into the House
of Representatives.
• Once the election was thrown into the House, each
state got one vote, regardless of how their citizens
voted. In the end, John Quincy Adams won the
presidency, though he had lost the popular vote and
had come in second to Jackson in the electoral vote.
The End of an Era
• As president, Adams supported bold
internal improvements.
• Almost from the moment the 1824
election ended in the decision by the
House of Representatives, the 1828
election began.
• Jackson and his followers launched
attacks on Adams’s character, to which
the president’s supporters replied with
equally blistering assaults.