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Multiple Choice 2 pts each
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
__B__ 1. Who was president during the “Era of Good Feelings”?
a. John Quincy Adams
b. James Monroe
c. Andrew Jackson
d. John C. Calhoun
__C__ 2. “I have heard something said about allegiance to the South. I know no South, no North, no East, no West, to
which I owe any allegiance . . . The Union, sir, is my country.”
—Henry Clay, 1848
In this speech, Henry Clay supported which of the following principles?
a. the Monroe Doctrine
b. sectionalism
c. nationalism
d. internationalism
Completion 2 pts each
Complete each statement.
3. During James Monroe’s presidency, feelings of nationalism replaced feelings of
__________Sectionalism_____________, or the belief that one’s own region of the country is
more important than the whole.
4. The balance between the number of free states and slave states was preserved by the
___________Missouri Compromise____________ in 1820.
5. The ___________Decalaration of independance____________ stated the Americas were off-limits to further
colonization attempts by European powers.
6. The first person to create a dictionary of American English was
_________Noah Webster______________.
Matching 1 pt each
In the space provided, write the letter of the term, person, or place that matches each description. Some
answers will not be used.
a. nullification crisis
h. spoils system
Monroe Doctrine
Samuel F. B. Morse
Cotton Belt
Second Bank of the United States
Lowell Girls
Trail of Tears
Indian Removal Act
Eli Whitney
Samuel Slater
__B__ 7. Regulated state banks and was overseen by the federal government
__I__ 8. Belief that the interests of a region are more important than national concerns
__E__ 9. Treaty in which the United States acquired Florida
Short Answer 6 pts each
10. Describe the conflict (issue) that the Missouri compromise attempted to settle, and how it accomplished that
There was imbalance between western states which were free or slave territories.
11. Identify and describe three events or people and if they show Nationalism or Sectionalism and why?
Missouri compromise supported nationalism because it was for the better of the nation. Not the