Lyon-Satolas Airport Railway Station


Lyon-Satolas Airport

Railway Station

The Population of France - 63 million

West of France is United

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French 100%, rapidly declining regional dialects and languages

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Western Europe, bordering the Bay of Biscay and English Channel, between Belgium and Spain southeast of the UK; bordering the Mediterranean

Sea, between Italy and Spain

Population Concerns

Age Structure

AGE Range Male Female Total

0-14 6,063,181 5,850,272 18.6% 11,913,453

15-64 20,798,889 20,763,283 65.2% 41,562,172

65+ 4,274,290 6,750,11 16.2% 110,243,01

Total 31,136,360 27,288,566


Population growth is


Lyon-Satolas Airport Railway



1989 1994

Location: Colombier-Saugnieu


Rhône (69)



, France

Structural Type

– Truss Roof

Calatrava's design is composed of a main hall, two wings for accepting train, car and bus traffic, and also a gallery leading into the main airport building .

The overall structural system was generated on AutoCAD which provided the basis for structural calculations.

The concourse wings extend 500 meters to both the northeast and southwest, while the gallery reaches out to the southeast over a distance of 180 meters.

The idea of this design refers to the metaphor of a bird, expressing flight and a sense of lightness

Lyon-SatolasAirport Station

IT IS based on two converging steel arches 120 meters long and 40 meters high.

Random Fact

IT was built for the

1992 Winter

Olympics in

Albertville, France.