Coronation of Charlemagne

Coronation of Charlemagne,
Christmas Day, 800
Argument with the Byzantines
The Carolingian Dynasty
Charlemagne and Pope Leo
Pepin the Short and Papal
The Donation of Constantine
Charlemagne retains independent
secular authority
The Coronation of Charlemagne,
Christmas Day, 800
1. In 800, Charlemagne was already King of the Franks
and the Lombards. What was the significance of him
being crowned ‘Emperor of the Romans’?
2. The chronicler Einhard suggests that Charlemagne
was surprised by the coronation and it almost
occurred against his will. What reasons are there to
suggest this was not the case?
3. What might Pope Leo’s objectives have been in
crowning Charlemagne emperor?
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