Our Solar System - firstgrade-oms

Our Solar System
Our Solar System
By Mrs. Mohn’s First Grade Class
Venus is in many ways like the Earth’s sister planet.
However, if they are twins, then Venus is the evil twin.
No living thing would ever be able to survive on Venus.
There are almost 7 billion people living on the Earth.
About 25% of the Earth’s surface is covered with land,
while about 75% is covered by oceans. The Earth’s
temperature, weather, atmosphere, and many other
factors are just right to keep us alive.
Mars is called the “Red Planet,” because the surface of Mars
is red, Scientists have evidence that Mars once had rivers,
streams, lakes, and even an ocean. Today, the only water on
Mars is either frozen in the polar caps or underground.
Saturn is similar to Jupiter, but it is much smaller. It is
a gas giant like Jupiter. The rings around Saturn are
made up of ice, dust, and rocks.
Pluto… the Dwarf Planet
A constellation is a pattern of stars. Long ago,
people imagined pictures in the stars by connecting
the “dots” or stars. Then they named the pictures.