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I feel as though human missions to Mars or to an asteroid make perfect sense. There are so
many things that are unknown to us about our own planet. Global warming is definitely
something that we need to gain a better understanding of, so we can slow or stop the process.
The more time that we can spend on Mars, the better understanding we might be able to gain
about this process. Scientists have proven that Mars was once home to oceans, many things
happened to cause the climate to change, and those oceans to dry up. It’s hard to learn how
this may have happened without sending humans to explore and conduct copious amounts of
research. Once we have a better understanding of what happened, we may be able to connect
those conclusions with what is happening right here on our planet. I also think it’s vital to send
humans to asteroids and other planets, because we would create and utilize new types of
technologies in the process. Our economy and ways of the future are dependent on new forms
of technology, so this would only help to expand on that. It would also generate more jobs and
which would help generate our economy.