native american w/s answers & notes

Cultures Clash on the Prairie
Great plains
Treaty of Fort Laramie
Sitting Bull
George A. Custer
Dawes Act
Battle of Wounded Knee
Chisholm Trail
Long Drive
How did the discovery of gold
affect settlement of the west?
• 1858: discovery of gold in Colorado
brought miners in the Great Plains
region (Native American lands)
• Establishment of railroads brought
gold and silver back and forth
• Great plains map
Sand Creek Massacre
• Nov. 29, 1864
• Cheyenne settled at Sand Creek
reserve in Colorado; thought they
were protected by U.S government
• Colonel John Chivington & troops
attacked Native Americans killing
over 150 Cheyenne & Arapaho
(mostly women & children
• video
Fort Laramie Treaty
• 1868
• Required the Sioux to live on a reservation
along Missouri River on the Wyoming
• Sioux assumed they would still be able to
hunt on the grounds (Bozeman Trail)
• Government closed the Bozeman Trail
(hunting grounds) settlers kept moving in
• Settlers & Native Americans continue to
• Treaty broken
Battle of Little Bighorn
• 1876
• Colonel George A. Custer vs. Sioux and
• Native Americans ready for battle; led by
Sitting Bull, Gall, & Crazy Horse
• Custer killed
• Eventually Native Americans were
beaten & surrendered
• Sitting Bull forced to surrender in 1881
• video
Dawes Act
• 1887
• Intended to “Americanize” Native
• U.S government broke up reservations
& gave 160 acres to head of household
& 80 acres to unmarried adults
• Government would sell rest of land to
Wounded Knee Creek
• Dec. 28, 1890 South Dakota
• U.S 7th cavalry took Sioux to a camp at
Wounded Knee, SD
• Native Americans had to surrender all
• Unknown shot was fired
• 300 unarmed Sioux were killed
Land lost over time
• Map of Native American land lost over time