Native American Struggles – Reading from The American Journey

Native American Struggles – Reading from The American Journey
Begin reading on page 544 in The American Journey textbook, at the section titled “Conflict of the Plains.” Answer the
questions below in a complete manner.
Conflict on the Plains:
1. Why did members of the Sioux tribe burn down homes owned by white settlers in the early 1860s?
They resented that their land had been taken from them.
2. What were members of the Lakota tribe trying to keep control away from white settlers?
Their hunting territory.
Little Bighorn:
3. Even though white men were forbidden by the government to enter the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory, what
caused General Custer to enter this protected land?
Gold was found in the Black Hills, the home of the Sioux.
4. What did the US government do when the Sioux protested to General Custer and his men entering their land?
The government tried to buy the hills, but Chief Sitting Bull
was unwilling to sell.
5. What did the US Government order General Custer and his men to do with the Sioux members?
The US Army was ordered to gather up all the Sioux tribe and force them to move onto a
6. Why is The Battle of Little Bighorn also known as “Custer’s Last Stand?”
Custer and his entire command lost their lives in a battle over the land
Apache Wars:
7. Who was Geronimo? What tribe was he a member of? Where was this tribe located?
The leader of the Apache tribe, located in the Southwest region.
8. Why was Geronimo leading raids against settlers?
He was angry about his tribe being forced onto Reservations, he fought back until he was
eventually captured.
9. THINKING QUESTION: In your opinion, do you think the Native Americans were doing the right thing by
attacking/protesting the US government and white settlers? Explain your answer.