Daijaha and Devonna_Soviet Bloc

Also Known As: The Eastern Bloc
By: Daijah Barrett and Devonna Hodge-Simmons
What Is It?
The Eastern Bloc, or Soviet Bloc is about
former communist states of Central and
Eastern Europe. The term and Soviet Bloc
were also used to indicate groupings of
states aligned with the Soviet Union,
although this might involve states outside
Central and Eastern Europe.
When Was It Created?
During the time of the Cold War (19391945) the US and the Soviet Union
cooperated with each other as allies
because both were being threatened by
Hitler. But soon after the war was over
their alliance was over. Both had major
differences such as politics and power
What countries were involved?
There were many countries involved in
the Soviet Bloc. It was mainly consisted
of Eastern and Central Europe, but there
were other countries outside of that.
Romania, Poland, Soviet Union, East
Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia,
Albania, Hungary, and Bulgaria were
involved in the Soviet Bloc.
“Flight from the Republic”
The Soviet Bloc was strictly controlled. People
who choose to leave to non-socialist countries
were called, Republikflucht; this term came
from Eastern Germany. The “flight from the
Republic” was a propaganda booklet by
Socialist Unity Party of Germany. It stated that
“leaving the GDR is an act of political and
moral backwardness and depravity.
Effects of the non-involved
The people who didn’t want to be involved in
the Soviet Union were punished. If they
escaped from it they were assigned to harsh
sentences, sometimes death. People who
weren’t involved caused of the collapse of the
Soviet Union. The system wasn’t what people
wanted, therefore, they left the union.
The red area is
Soviet controlled
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