PCMG Annual Conference First Announcement

PCMG Annual Conference:
Content with Value 2015
Managing Risk
Targeting expensive resource
Supporting Investigator Sites
Contract implications
Regulatory buy-in
Real-life examples
Managing Complexity
Identifying current challenges
Comparisons with other industries
‘Lean’ methodology – tool or talk?
Impact on the end-users
Managing Compliance
What is it?
What do we have to do?
How do we know if it’s enough?
PCMG – A Unique Conference Format
Content managed by senior Pharma
outsourcing management to be
practical and non-promotional
Location chosen to enable open,
informal dialogue between
professionals – no exhibition hall
Industry leaders, regulators and
new perspectives from outside
Pharma to stimulate best practice
Innovative delivery that engages
directly with the audience in one
interactive stream
Unique 1:2 Balance of Pharma/
Provider delegates to create a
collaborative forum
Presentation of PCMG projects that
develop and set standards of
practice, not ‘watch, listen and
forget’ slides
Did you know?
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