PCMG Annual Conference First Announcement


PCMG Annual Conference:

Content with Value 2015

Managing Risk

Targeting expensive resource

Supporting Investigator Sites

Contract implications

Regulatory buy-in

Real-life examples Managing Complexity

Identifying current challenges

Comparisons with other industries

‘Lean’ methodology – tool or talk?

Impact on the end-users

Managing Compliance

What is it?

What do we have to do?

How do we know if it’s enough?

PCMG – A Unique Conference Format

Content managed by senior Pharma outsourcing management to be practical and non-promotional

Innovative delivery that engages directly with the audience in one interactive stream

Location chosen to enable open, informal dialogue between professionals – no exhibition hall Unique 1:2 Balance of Pharma/

Provider delegates to create a collaborative forum

Industry leaders, regulators and new perspectives from outside

Pharma to stimulate best practice

Presentation of PCMG projects that develop and set standards of practice , not ‘watch, listen and forget’ slides

Did you know?