How to Play Badminton Presentation

Steven Zhang
English 393
Introduction to Badminton
Objective: simple! Hit the
shuttle across the net!
Goal: land the shuttle on
the opponent’s side
Methods: fast, slow, high,
flat, low, smash, light
Types: single (smaller
court) doubles (larger
Basic Rules: begin by
serving, first to 21 wins,
opponent serve per every
turnover, change sides after
every rounds
Basic Equipments
 Racquets: different types (offensive, defensive), price
range $10-$300
 Shoes: different brands (Yonex) price range $ 30-150
 uniform, begs, other accessories
Racquet Grip
 Important foundation of playing
 Forehand Grip:
 hold the racquet as if your
shaking hands
 hold loosely for flexibility
 Backhand Grip:
 Hold the racquet as you would
on a forehand grip
 Turn the racquet
counterclockwise so that the V
shape moves leftwards
 Different types of serves: High
serve, low serve, backhand
serve, flick serve, drive serve
 High serve: hold racquet using
forehand grip, hit it with the flat
face of the racket and follow
through until the racket reaches
the non-racket side of your head
 Low serve: hold racquet using
forehand grip, push the shuttle
lightly in order to get it across
the court as low as possible
without touching the net.
Smash shot
 The smash: a shot hit with
power and speed
downward to your
opponent's court
 Different types: forehand
smash, backhand smash,
around the head smash,
jump smash
 Ideal point of impact is
above the head with arms
fully extended
 Energy is generated from
legs and wrist