Grade 7 - Advantage WNY12813

U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program
Grade 7 Referee Course
Amateur Adult Training
Laws of the Game
o The Referee:
o Allows play to continue when the team
against which an offense has been
committed will benefit from such an
advantage and penalizes the original
offence if the anticipated advantage does
not ensue at that time
o Red team player takes a free kick but then
touches the ball again before it has been
touched by another player
o Red team player’s second touch plays the ball
to blue team player
o Blue team player begins to attack the red
team’s goal
o Apply advantage
o Red team player takes a throw-in but has both
feet completely within the field of play
o The ball goes to blue team player who begins
promising attack to the red team’s goal
o Advantage not applied
o Throw-in awarded to blue team
o Red team player plays the ball to a teammate
o Offside position
o Involved in active play
o Blue team goalkeeper collects the ball and
then distributes to begin counterattack
o Apply advantage
Considerations we will discuss
o Game control versus game flow
o 4 P principle
o Wait and see
o Misconduct
Control and Flow
o Game control
o Enforcing the Laws of the Game
o Game flow
o Tempo and pace of the game
o Apply advantage to allow for game flow while
also allowing for the option to stop play for
game control
o Vital to the amateur adult game
o Develops with experience
4 P Principle
o Possession of the ball
o Control by team or player
o Potential for attack
o Ability to continue a promising attack
o Personnel
o Skill of attackers, numerical advantage
o Proximity to the opponent's goal
Wait and See
o Assess the situation
o Wait 2-3 seconds to see if the play develops
o Signal for advantage
o If the attack doesn’t develop … Stop play and
award a free kick for the original offense
o If you apply advantage to misconduct:
o At next stoppage
o Issue misconduct
o Ensure the misconduct is clear to both
o Serious foul play offenses
o No advantage unless there is an obvious
and immediate goal scoring opportunity
Assistant Referees
Review Question
o When applying advantage, what factors
should the referee consider?
o Possession of the ball
o Potential for attack
o Proximity to the opponent’s goal
o All of the above
Review Question
o Can effectively applying advantage assist
referees with managing game control?
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o Does applying advantage only relate to fouls
and misconduct?
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o Should the referee apply advantage if the
fouled player’s team is able to retain control of
the ball as part of a developing or promising
o Yes
o No
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