Major Characters of the Enuma Elish

Major Characters of the Enuma Elish
•APSU – “begetter of the great gods” [abyss]
•God of fresh water / male fertility
•TIAMAT (Ummu Huber) – wife of Apsu
•Goddess of the sea/chaos
•Lahmu and Lahamu – first of the gods
•Anshar and Kishar – children of Tiamat
•Boundaries between earth and sky (horizon)
•Anu – son of Anshar and Kishar
•God of the sky
•Father of all the gods that came down to live on earth
•God of city of Uruk
•Ea (Enki) - son of Anu; marries Damkina; father of Marduk
•God of the waters
•Lord of Incantations; Councilor of Man; Instructor of Crafts, Writing, Building
•Kills Apsu and Mummu
•Marduk – god of the light of the sun
•God of lightning in storm and rain
•God of city Babylon
•Made high king of the gods
•Kingu – second husband of Tiamat