Chapter 3

Chapter 3
What condition occurs
when the blood supply
is cut off within heart?
A. Stroke
B. Diabetes
C. Atherosclerosis
D. Heart Attack
When a person’s body
cannot regulate sugar
levels, it is called?
A. Cancer
B. Diabetes
C. Obesity
D. Osteoporosis
What are the 3 types of
eating disorders?
1. Anorexia – not eating enough
2. Bulimia – eating a lot then purging
3. Binge Eating – eating a lot in short time without
Chapter 3.2
1. Explain how good fitness helps your back work
2. Describe some common posture problems
3. List some biomechanical principles that will help you
improve posture and avoid back problems
Back Problems
How does good fitness help the back operate
1. Everything is balanced up your spine which allows
your upper body to move around
Lordosis – Too much arch in the lower back
Posture Problems
Ptosis – Protruding abdomen
Kyphosis – Rounded back and shoulders
Good Posture
1. Helps you look good
2. Helps prevent back problems
3. Helps you work and play more efficiently
Back/Posture Improvement and
Use the large muscles of the body when lifting
When lifting, keep your weight (hips) low
Divide a load to make it easier to carry
Avoid twisting while lifting
Push or pull objects rather than lift them
Avoid bent-over position when sitting, standing, or
Applying Biomechanical
Laws of Motion – Newton’s laws stating the amount
of force exerted on an object in relation to mass and
Force – The amount of energy exerted on an object