John Cabot

John Cabot
By: Willow C.
Sarah S.
Malia W.
Early Childhood &
Personal Information
• John Cabot was born in Genoa, Itlay in around the 1450’s, but
the actual date is unknown. John Cabot’s real name was
Giovanni Caboto.
• John Cabot learned from sailors, he didn’t go to school when
he was a kid. The sailors tought cartography, navigation,
astronomy, math, and seam ship.
• John Cabot moved to Venice, Italy when he was 11 yrs old in
the 1460’s.
• John Cabot’s nationality is Italian. His families trade was to fin
fathers and go on expeditions.
John Cabot’s Family Life
• When John Cabot was 24 yrs old he married a
woman named Mattea.
• After a couple years of being married they had
three sons named, Ludovico Cabot,
Sebastiano Cabot, and Sancto Cabot.
Travel Routes
• John Cabot sailed from Bristol Harbor in England in the
Matthew to Labrador, Canada.
• He sailed with a crew of 18 men on May 2,1497 and returned
to Bristol Harbor on August 6, 1497.
• He landed in Newfoundland, Canada.
• He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.
Purpose of Expeditions
• John Cabot’s purpose to explore was to find a
new land for most Europeans to live on and
since he was a kid and growing up with
explorers he wanted to become one.
• When John Cabot went on expeditions he had
wealthy merchants from Bristol, England.
Results of Expedition
• On June 24th, Cabot reached the eastern coast
of present Canada.
• He claimed the land for England.
• He found green forests and lots of fish but not
any Asian cities.
Impact of Expedition
• The impact of John Cabot’s expedition was
claiming lands for a European nation.
• Another impact was spreading disease.
How did he Interact with the Native
• John Cabot didnt see any Native Americans.
• When he made his first voyage to Canada he
did not see and or find what are called the
Beothuk people.
John Cabot’s Motives
• John Cabot’s motives were to find a route to
Asia and to find riches.
• Another motive of John Cabot’s was to find
Importance of his Discovery
• The importance of his discovery was that
Europeans could move to North America.
• Europeans could go to Newfoundland to look
for spices.
Obstacles that John Cabot faced
• There were lots of storms at sea, and a lack of
fresh water.
• Sometimes food would get moldy and infested
with insects those who ate it would get sick.
• Also, a condition called scurvy killed many sailors.
• Scurvy is caused by not having enough Vitamin C.
Important Facts about John Cabot
• John Cabot was adopted.
• John Cabot studied sailing for 10 yrs.
• On John Cabot’s second voyage he took 5
ships carrying 500 people.
• His son Sebastian Cabot was a famous
explorer also.
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