John Cabot`s Life By

• I am going to talk about John Cabot in this
presentation. I will include why he traveled to
North America, the obstacles he had during
exploring, the reactions from the Native
Americans, and his contribution to NYS. There are
many reasons why I chose to study this explorer.
For example, I wanted to know if all those stories
were myths or they were true. This way I can
discover what he really did when exploring. Also,
I chose him because a lot of people in my older
brother’s class say that he was an amazing man. I
wanted to know if that was true.
Why Did John Cabot Set On An
Exploration to North America?
• John Cabot traveled to North America for many
reasons. John Cabot sailed to North America because
the English King Henry VII granted John Cabot the right
to seek islands and countries of the godless toward the
west, east, and north sailing under the English flag.
John Cabot boards his ship, the Matthew, to explore
the lands across the Atlantic, hoping to find a North
West passage to Indies and China. John Cabot explored
to find new land, find riches and gold. When he heard
of Columbus’s successful journey he convinced King
Henry 7 that England did not have to sit still while the
Spaniards help themselves go to a new world.
What Were The Obstacles John Cabot
Faced Throughout His Exploration?
• John Cabot faced a lot of obstacles throughout
his exploration. He needed to face harsh
weather. Like rain, tornadoes, etc. Also, insects
that kill his crew. Moreover, lack of fresh
water. Furthermore, disease of starvation, lack
of supplies, maps and navigational tools. So he
had a lot of problems during exploring. It must
have been really hard to survive through these
How Did The Native Americans
Receive John Cabot?
When John Cabot faced the Native Americans
they reacted very nicely. John Cabot got along
with the first nation peoples traded furs and
beaver hats with them. The Native Americans
also gave John Cabot water to drink and food
to eat.
How Did John Cabot Contribute To
New York State History?
• John Cabot made a contribution to New York
State. His contribution was to find new land.
He found Canada and North America. He
found a new land so people can live there.
Also, so people can visit Canada and North
America. He found new land for a lot of
people. So they can make their own shelter
there to live and also make food.
• In conclusion, John Cabot wanted to find new
land for people. He did find it so that is very
good. He didn’t stay with his arms crossed. He
went to an exploration to find new land and to
find spices, and gold for his country.
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