Interea magno misceri murmure pontum, meanwhile Neptune

Interea magno misceri murmure pontum,
meanwhile Neptune sensed/felt/perceived that the sea was mixed with
a great murmur
emissamque hiemem sensit Neptunus, et imis
and that a storm had been sent out, and that pools (stagna)
stagna refusa vadis, graviter commotus; et alto
had been poured out from the deep shoals/streams, heavily moved;
prospiciens, summa placidum caput extulit unda.
and looking out on the sea, his calm head brought forth from the highest
Disiectam Aeneae, toto videt aequore classem,
he (Neptune) sees the scattered fleet of Aeneas on the whole sea
fluctibus oppressos Troas caelique ruina,
The trojans pressed down by waves and the falling of heaven
nec latuere doli fratrem Iunonis et irae.
And the griefs/pains and angers of Juno did not hide from her brother.
Eurum ad se Zephyrumque vocat, dehinc talia fatur:
He calls the southeast wind and the west wind to himself, henseforthe he says
such things:
“Tantane vos generis tenuit fiducia vestri?
Did such trust of your type hold you?
Iam caelum terramque meo sine numine, venti,
now the sky and land without my godhead, the winds,
miscere, et tantas audetis tollere moles?
and you all dare to mix (the sky, land, winds) and to lift heaps?
Quos ego—sed motos praestat componere fluctus.
Which I—but it is better to unite the disturbed waves.
Post mihi non simili poena commissa luetis.
After you will not free this enterprise to me with a similar punishment
Maturate fugam, regique haec dicite vestro:
make ripe an escape, and say these things to your king:
non illi imperium pelagi saevumque tridentem,
not power over that sea and the fierce trident,
sed mihi sorte datum. Tenet ille immania saxa,
but to me the lot was given. That man holds huge rocks,
vestras, Eure, domos; illa se iactet in aula
your homes, East wind; let Aeolus scatter them in that palace
Aeolus, et clauso ventorum carcere regnet.”
and let him rule the winds in a shut prison.
Sic ait, et dicto citius tumida aequora placat,
he speaks thus, and with his word he soothes the swollen sea,
collectasque fugat nubes, solemque reducit.
And the gathered clouds flee, and he leads back the sun.
Cymothoe simul et Triton adnixus acuto
at the same time Cymothoe and Triton having leaned on his point
detrudunt navis scopulo; levat ipse tridenti;
push the ships from a crag/off of a crag; he himself raises with his trident
et vastas aperit syrtis, et temperat aequor,
and he uncovers the vast sandbars, and he calms/checks/tempers the sea
atque rotis summas levibus perlabitur undas.
And so he slips through the highest waves with smooth wheels.