Fast Food Nation: Chapter 10 A Global Realization

By: Larrissa Loyd and Sarah Ulber
Chapter 10 begins with the author discussing Paulen, Germany
and its history. He tells of how everyone seems to be surprised
when he tells them he wants to visit the town. He goes on to
describe how it was the first town in East Germany to host a
McDonald’s restaurant in 1990. He goes on to describe his
experience in L.A. during the time he was researching the
Author’s intent
To show how the epidemic of obesity is spreading
throughout the world as fast food chains expand to
other countries.
Major assertions or findings
After World War II consumption of meat rose significantly.
A decade ago, McDonalds had 3,000 restaurants inside the
united states; today it has about 17,000 in more than 120
foreign countries.
“By eating like Americans, people all over the world are
beginning to look like Americans.”
Obesity has been linked to heart disease, colon cancer,
stomach cancer, breast cancer diabetes, arthritis, high blood
pressure, infertility, and strokes.
Author Bias
Schlosser was not bias in this chapter. He provided
his experiences in Germany as well as Los Angeles
and provides a history on the town of Paulen
Relevance/ Connections
Obesity is a huge problem in America today. Many of
the population struggles with their weight because
of bad eating habits such as eating out frequently.
Chain restaurants such as KFC and McDonalds are
extremely popular in other countries, such as China.