Under Armour was founded in 1996 by
Kevin Plank. There headquarters is located
in Baltimore Maryland U.S.A
Under Armour started small just selling t-shirts. They now sell all sorts of
sports apparel including hot and cold gear. They reach out to sports oriented
people and active lifestyles.
Nearly a decade ago Under Armour started with the undershirt for
sports. They have evolved into 6 diverse gear lines to cover all
seasons, climates, and conditions. Under Armour has created the
ultimate Moisture Transport System in garments that slide over
your body like a second skin to keep you cool, dry, and light
throughout the course of a game or workout
UA Is currently trading for 55.52. With the release of there new
basketball shoes they expect this number to keep growing in the next few
A great difference between the competitors is Under Armour came of
age with internet marketing, even though Nike and Reebok have higher
revenue by quite a significant mark. Consider both Reebok and Nike
are worldwide while Under Armour is just starting to branch out. They
have just started to compete with Nike with there basketball shoes
selection. With the hot and cold gear line they started they will continue
to lead in that department. Over the next few years I expect Under
Armour to become a much greater competitor with Nike and Reebok
I believe Under Armour is successful because they were one of the first to introduce sports apparel
to cover for all seasons, climates, and conditions. Under Armour is my choice of sports apparel
because it is extremely comfortable and some what affordable. Under Armour always catches my
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