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Biography of Jonathon
 Jonathon Thurston is a indigenous Australian rugby league
player who plays for the North Queensland Cowboys and is
also co-captain for this team. Jonathan was born April 15th
1983. He started playing rugby at a very young age for
South Sunnybanks rugby league club. Growing up in his
teen years he was overall an outstanding player for his
school and club at the age of 18 years but none of the
National Rugby league clubs would sign cause they
critizing his small size. In 2001, Jonathan Thurston had sign
with the Canterbury Bulldogs. Once Thurston had his
opportunity he went beyond all expectation and was
selected for the Queensland Under 19s in 2001.
How has Thurston impacted the
community positively ?
 Thurston has showed that anyone especially
indigenous kids can do anything and he has set a
good example for the indigenous kids today and for
the past few years. Thurston continues to help set a
good example to all indigenous and Torres strait
islanders all over the country including the Australian
society. He worked with the young indigenous
community in North Queensland and the Australian
Red Cross Blood Service and Thurston also raised
money for the koori kid foundation.
How has Thurston impacted the
community negatively ?
 Although he has been a good example some time in
his career Thurston has had a rough time just like all
young stars coming up that get caught up in the fame
and make mistakes just like everyone of us.
Contribution to Australia sporting
identity and achievements
 Thurston has contributed to identity of Australian Sporting being one of the
most known player in rugby and also know as one of the best players in rugby.
His has represented Australia , Queensland and Nrl for many years now.
His achievements throughout his career that have influence Australian sporting
identity include;
 2004 - Premiership Winners (Bulldogs)
2005 - Dally M Halfback of the Year
2005 - Dally M Player of the Year
2005 - North Queensland Cowboys Player of the Year
2006 - State of Origin Series Winners
2006 - Tri Nations Series Winners
2007 - State of Origin Series Winners
2007 - Dally M Halfback of the Year
 2007 - Dally M Player of the Year
2007 - RLIF International Back of the Year
2008 - State of Origin Series Winners
2008 - Wally Lewis Medal - State of Origin Player of the Series
2008 - Named in Indigenous Team of the Century
2009 - State of Origin Series Winners
2009 - Dally M Halfback of the Year
2009 - RLIF Halfback of the Year
2009 - Four Nations Series Winners
2010 - Indigenous All Stars Representative
2010 - State of Origin Series Winners
2011 - Appointed Indigenous All Stars Captain
2011 - State of Origin Series Winners
2011 - Four Nations Series Winners
2011 - Golden Boot Award (World Player of the Year)
2012 - State of Origin Series Winners
2012 - Peter Jackson Memorial Award Winner
2012 - NRL Ken Stephen Medal Winner
Many of these achieve have influence many from many cultures especially indigenous
people through his many achievements and have many youth idolise Thurston for the
many great things he has accomplished in his life. Thurston is now known as one of the
best players of today.
Salvation Army
Jonathan Thurston would be great advocate for Salvation
Army and also a great spokes person cause;
 His a good role model
 Many people respect him not only as a player but also as a
 He likes to help people and also supports other charity
 He helps the community and also the indigenous people
Salvation Army
Jonathan Thurston like to help the community
through Salvation Army and supporting Salvation
Army you can help many people everyday just like
your local Rugby League Star Jonathan Thurston
by make a donation at your local Salvation Army
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