Sleepy Hollow Characters

 Tall, but exceedingly Lank
 Narrow Shoulders
 Long Arms and Legs
 Hands that dangled a mile out of his
 Feet that might have served as shovels
 Small head, flat on top, with huge ears
 Large green glassy eyes
 Long snipe nose
 Spindle Neck
Tall, long lank body, long arms and legs
Hands that dangled a mile out of his sleeves
What are three ways in which Ichabod Crane’s appearance is similar to that of a crane.
 Apparition of a figure on horseback without a head
 Hessian trooper, from the revolutionary war, whose
head had been carried away by a cannon ball
Seen hurrying along in the gloom of night
Haunts not only the valley, but adjacent roads and
especially the church
Alleged that the specters body is buried in the
Rides fourth to the scene of the battle in nightly
quest of his head
Rides with rushing speed
Needs to return to the church yard before daybreak
 Daughter and only child of a substantial Dutch
Blooming lass of fresh eighteen
Plump as partridge, ripe and melting and rosy
Universally famed, not merely for her beauty, but
her vast expectations
Prettiest foot and ankle in the country round
Always dresses to show off her best features
Katrina is also a flirt
At a party, dancing and flirting with Ichabod Crane
Some of the many dresses of Katrina Van Tassel
 A formidable, burly man named Abraham
 Broad shoulders, double jointed and has shorty
curly black hair, and a bluff of unpleasant
Has an air of fun and arrogance
Herculean frame and great powers of limb
Hero of the country round, which rang with his feats
of strength and hardihood
Famed for great knowledge and horsemanship,
being dexterous on horseback
Umpire in all disputes
He was always ready for a fight or a frolic, but had
more mischief than ill will
Strong dash or of waggish good humor at bottom
Brom is a big Burly, broad shoulders guy, who is always ready
for a fight or a frolic but had more mischief than ill will.
Contrast Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones. How are they different in
physical appearance? How are their actions different? What would
have made Katrina attracted to each of them?
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