MOWA Choctaw Indians Tribal Sovereignty

Ways We (The MOWA Choctaw Indians
of Alabama) Have Exercised Our Tribal
Chief Framon Weaver
Mobile County 1922
 Adopted Tribal
Constitution and
Established Three Forms of Government.
 Passed
ordinance to create Housing
 Lobbied
State of
Alabama to recognize
all tribal lands owned
by the tribe to be
declared reservation
 Passed Tribal
ordinance to create
Police Department
 Lobbied
State of
Alabama for our right
to establish and
operate our Police
 Passed Tribal
ordinance to create
Police Department
Negotiated an agreement with the State of
Alabama to establish our Community
Service Block Grant and Low Income Home
Energy Assistance Program.
 As
a result of litigation involving an
incinerator on tribal reservation, the court
recognized our right to issue our own
The court recognized our right to build on property owned
by the tribe without obtaining building permits or licenses
from the County.
In regards to the Indian Child Welfare Act, we are
considered the same as a federally recognized tribe.