Myira Khan - A Private Matter

A Private Matter
Accessing Counselling Support,
Issues Of Visibility
And Engagement.
Myira Khan
Aim of today’s workshop
• To explore the characteristics of Private Counselling.
• To explore the differences between what Private
Counselling and DV services/ charities can offer victims/
• To explore what can be learnt from Private Counselling to
move forward effectively in the provision of support
services for DV victims/ survivors.
What are the perceptions of
private counselling?
Characteristics of Counselling and Implications for SV/DV Survivors
Abiding to an Ethical Framework
Qualified professional
Use of interventions
Facilitate change
Client’s needs and agenda
Counsellor’s stance of non-judgement, empathy and genuineness
Working within the psychological space of the counselling work and
counselling relationship
‘In here’ space of counselling
Not mainstream
Client’s autonomy (choice and empowerment)
Hidden – invisible*
Engaging in conversation with only one other person*
Characteristics of Private Counselling:
How might these characteristics of Private Counselling differ
from public DV services and charities?
Why might DV clients access this support before a DV service?
What is the impact of invisibility upon engagement with
Private Counselling and ‘public’ DV services?
“Many abused clients come to see a counsellor or therapist still unable to
tell themselves what has happened, let alone anyone else.
In my view it is of central importance that the client is not pressurized into
revealing details before she is ready. She could not say ‘no’ to her abuser;
she must be able to say ‘no’ to her counsellor. If she does not feel she can
proceed at her own pace, and control what she reveals, she may
experience a repetition of earlier abuse.
This is the fine balance for the counsellor: on the one hand, she wants to be
receptive and facilitative, to hear and acknowledge what is being said; on
the other, she must not be invasive.”
Moira Walker, Women in Therapy and Counselling.
How can we incorporate the qualities of
Private Counselling in to DV Services?
How can we work together?
• Independent Counsellors – not linked to
agencies, parallels to the IDVA role.
• Informal working relationships between Private
Counsellors and DV Services.
• Joint Working.
• Balance of Visibility and Engagement.
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