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Harmoni Kilgore
Jakari Corey
Trans- Saharan Caravan Routes
This trading route used camels to transport their
goods from Kush to West Africa. Caravans are groups of
camels that travel together. This source of transportation
was very efficient.Years of this trade route lasted from
TSCR: Climate
Sand Dunes
Hot and Steamy Weather
Dry Conditions
TSCR: Location
The trade route went from Kush to West
Africa and everything between.
TSCR: Trade Goods
Spices from India
Iront Tools and Weapons from Kush
Kola Nuts ,Edible Palm Oil,Wheats, and
TSCR: Ethnicity
The Ethnicity of this trade route was Africans from Kush
Kingdom and West Africa.
Mediterranean Sea Lanes
A route of lanes that transported goods to
those bordering the Mediterranean sea.
MSL: Climate
Subtropical Climate; Mild and Rainy
Relatively Warm and Dry Summers
MSL: Location
This trade route was located in the
Mediterranean Sea.
MSL: Trade Goods
Salt, Olive oil, Slaves, Fish, Wine
MSL: Ethnicity
The ethnic groups were a mixture of Arab,
Sicilian, Norman, Spanish, Italian, and
Eurasian Silk Roads
● The Eurasian Silk Road was a trade route linking the
lands of the Mediterranean with China by way of
Mesopotamia, Iran, and Central Asia.
E.S.R and Its Climate
● The climate of the eurasian silk road may vary because
of the size of its landmass.
● The climate of the Eurasian silk roads ranges from
tropical to arctic and due to the fact the land was
located near large bodies of water, there was a good
source of nature.
E.S.R & Its Location
● Eurasian Silk Roads were located in the Ancient
Chinese Capital city of Chang’an to west end points at
Byzantium and other middle eastern cities.
Eurasian Trading Goods
E.S.R Ethnicity
The people of the silk roads were indo
european and chinese.
Indian Ocean Sea Lanes
● Indian Ocean Sea Lanes was a trading system that
connected East Africa, Southern Arabia, The Persian
Gulf, India, Southeast Asian, and Southern China.
● Most of the trade took place in China to Southeast Asia
to India to Eastern Africa and the Middle East.
I.O.S.L Climate
● The climate of the Indian Ocean Sea Lanes
would be Monsoon climate to semi arid.
● During monsoon it would be considered
more of a wet climate because of the
moisture the monsoon caused.
I.O.S.L Location
● The Location of the Indian Ocean Sea Lanes
would be the South China sea, Chinese and
The Malays.
I.O.S.L Trading Goods
● In the Indian Ocean Sea Lanes trading system they
traded Pottery, Indian spices, Ivory, Gold, Emeralds,
Diamonds, Pigment, Pearls, and Tropical Fruits.
I.O.S.L Ethnicity of Its People
● Ethnicities of the people involved in this
system were Chinese, Indians, and
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