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A developer’s perspective of
community benefit funds
Claire Addison
Communications Manager
AES Wind Generation
AES Wind Generation
• Developer and operator specialising in
medium to large scale wind projects in the UK.
• Responsible for development and operation of
almost 300MW of installed capacity, with over
300MW in development.
• Member of Renewable UK and Scottish
AES and community benefit funding
Independently administered
Offered for 25 year life of each site
Index linked
Decision on structure and priorities trusted to
local communities
• Community profile offered
• Support for strategic and long-term projects
North Rhins Wind Farm
• Located on the Rhins peninsula, between
Stranraer and Portpatrick.
• Operating since January 2010.
• 11 turbines with a total installed capacity of
• £236,280 towards the community purchase of
the Portpatrick Harbour.
Going forward: what we’d like to see
• Guidance and support in overcoming gaps
between community councils and other
community members
• Guidance and support for strategic funding
models including social enterprises and start up
• Case studies focusing on economic development
• A clear structure for electricity discount schemes
Going forward: what developers
should be offering
• A named point of contact
• An agreed £ per MW that is the industry standard at
the time of the fund’s creation
• Option of multi-year funding models to encourage
stable support
• Flexibility and a willingness to trust local people to
decide where the money can best be used
• Paying for additional costs on top of the fund – no
siphoning off
• A simple application process and reasonable
turnaround time
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