Roger R. Marks Apparel, LLC

Roger R. Marks Apparel, LLC
Roger R. Marks Apparel, LLC
Roger R Marks Apparel is a 25 year old family owned
and operated apparel, home, and kitchen/bath
merchandising , sourcing and sales organization.
We are factory direct, therefore our customers
continue to benefit by our competitive pricing on
basics as well as the new innovative items we bring to
the market.
Please note attached examples of those items and
styles that are preforming well in the apparel market.
We look forward to the opportunity of adding to your
margins. Thanks in advance.
From classic to hipmodern style, Roger
R. Marks Apparel
leads the way….
One of our hallmarks
is enduring classics.
This represents just
one of the many styles
that are available…
Relaxed, casual and all
about todays style,
Roger R. Marks
Apparel, LLC is leading
the way…
Ladies Wear
In Ladies Wear, Roger
R. Marks Apparel, LLC
has a long tradition of
fashion forward
thinking. From
classics to the latest
trends we can offer
style and stay current
with your customers
Ladies wear
Ladies Wear (cont.)
Ladies Wear (cont.)
Let us help you
grow your
Whatever your
apparel needs, Roger
R. Marks Apparel, LLC
has a solution for you.
We have un-paralleled
experience and can
assist in any fashion
business vertical.
Contact us at:
Email us at:
[email protected]
Send correspondence to:
Roger R. Marks Apparel, LLC
1276 Route 35
South Salem, NY 10590
Tel:(914) 763-5959
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