Gina Bell

Fall 2013
NM’s Approach to the SWS
Implementation Project
The Challenge
New Mexico’s plan
New Mexico’s ongoing process
Next Steps
The Challenge
• 100% work done correctly, 100% of the time.
The Challenge
• NM Energy$mart Technical Standards contain
work standards, audit process, final inspection
process and policy.
• At this time this document is being separated.
The Challenge
• Crosswalk: Elements of our standards
contained minor variations that will require
The Challenge
• Crosswalk: Elements of our standards
contained minor variations that will require
The Challenge
• Our Standards contain too much information!
• The field guide
approach has
not yielded
100% success
rate for
The Plan
• Therefore, NM is pursuing an innovative
approach to operationalize the SWS—aligning
service provider work flow, SWS and QCI.
The Plan
• The maze is the complexity of the crosswalk.
• Our approach avoids that complexity entirely.
The Plan
• The SWS online tool will be the backbone of
our “Deck of Cards” approach weatherization
– For each job, the crew chief and final inspector
will only receive the SWS required for the job’s
package of measures.
– Crews, auditors and inspectors will have a tablet
with SWS for field reference.
The Deck of Cards
Chase Capping
Crawl Space Air Sealing
Duct Sealing
Each card contains the SWS information and a visual aid.
The Process
• The NME$ Technical Committee is currently
pilot testing the SWS & Deck of Cards.
The Process
• First, each agency TC representative converted the
same NEAT audit into an SWS work order.
The Process
• Second, the TC reviewed each agency’s SWS
conversion and discussed the differences.
The Process
• Third, each agency developed 1 or 2 NEAT
SWS work orders on their own production
The Process
• Fourth, each agency will report back to the TC
on how they believe the project went.
• We will adjust the process and repeat.
The Process
• Fifth, in October at a
statewide meeting, service
provider staff will be
introduced to receive
access to the Deck of
The Process
• Sixth, MFA staff will monitor service providers
in October, November and December.
The Process
• Seventh, SWS compliance will be phased in
beginning January 1, 2014.
Next Steps
• From an organizational change perspective, this
shift requires better education of Grantees and
Subgrantee staff in order to succeed.
Next Steps
• NM is talking with DOE about expanding this
project to include other states that do not
have the resources or the inclination to cross
walk an existing field guide with the SWS.
Next Steps
• NM is looking for other grantees willing to
partner with us and help push the program
toward the goal of 100% right, 100% of the time.
For Questions on New Mexico’s approach and to
partner with us, contact Michael Furze.
[email protected]
Or Gina Bell.
[email protected]
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