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Tree service
What’s your rating? Epsilon loaders are H1-B4
Rated – meaning, they are designed to withstand
over 630,000 load cycles in a 5-period! Traditional
“knuckle-boom” cranes are only rated to withstand
between 100,000 - 200,000…over the lifetime of
the loader this results in less downtown and
significant cost savings!
The Tree Service Solution
Epsilon’s superior engineering delivers the most effective combination of power, performance, speed,
and quality. Designed for constant use in the harshest environments - The main lift cylinder is
protected by a heavy-duty steel guard, the EPSCOPE extension system provides unmatched
protection with components internally routed - Every hose, pipe and cylinder are either internally
routed or protected from the elements. The double rack slewing system provides an industry leading
net slewing torque, and the linkage system gives the operator up to 60% more lifting power creating
constant main boom speed and power throughout the lift. With models ranging from 7tm to 26tm
Epsilon loaders are built with the application and operator in mind!
TREE SERVICE – 12 Models to choose from!
Loader Type
L - Boom
boom system
telescope telescope outreach
M110L 71
M110L 80
M110L 97
23' 4"
26' 2"
31' 9"
Q150L 71
Q150L 80
Q150L 86
Q150L 97
23' 2"
26' 1"
28' 5"
31' 8"
Z - Boom
telescope outreach
C70Z 73
C80Z 89
23' 9"
29' 3"
M110Z 78
25' 6"
M110 Z84 TI
Q150Z 84 TI
27' 8"
27' 8"
1. Pre-treatment:
By blasting the metal with wire shot, the layers of scale
present on hot-rolled sheet and plate and the impurities
caused by welding are completely removed.
Degreasing the parts
Zinc phosphate
2. KTL primer coating:
KTL primer coating process, the part is completely immersed
in the paint.
The paint is baked on at a temperature of 160°C for 1 ½
3. Powder coating:
Powder coating
Best quality through hardening at 200°C
Quality in every color
High resale value via long-lived
surface protection
Hoses running inside
maximum protection
4-eye knuckle set
protection cover
robust Rotator
With 4-eye suspension
No more hoses stuck in
branches or stanchions or
damaged by the manipulation of
timber or scrap
Over 8 years in a succesful mission on the market
Outer boom pipes, hoses and cylinder inside boom tube
no damaging possible
Max. durability of hydraulic hoses by optimal guiding
ball beard hose rollers and separate hose chambers
Optimal service friendliness exchange of cylinder and hoses quick
and without dismantlement of outer boom
Min. abrasion of chain
by use of disc springs and ball beard chain wheels
Lateral adjustable guide blocks
Min. construction height / width
no hose guides
POWERFUL SLEWING – Starting at 19,910 ft-lbs. of net
slewing torque derived via
A solid double rack slewing system running in an oil bath with
a self-aligning roller bearing.
End of stroke damping for precision control, smooth operation
and increased life of components!
LINKAGE SYSTEM – Epsilon-Palfinger linkage system provides
Up to 60% more lifting power in the upper working area creating
Constant main boom speed and power throughout the lift!