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 Dear Sirs! December 5, 2014 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was officially published the new standard ISO 19600: 2014 in the Compliance Management System. From 8 to 12 December 2014 our project Lean Compliance Business Solutions together with the certification center KHC (Italy) and with international professional association of specialists on quality management for products and services UNIQUALITY had a certification course for auditors / Lead Auditor "Course for Auditor / Lead Auditor of Compliance management system according to ISO19600: 2014" It was the world's first certified course for auditors of Compliance Management System, graduates of the course successfully passed the certification exam and received international certificates proving their competence auditors. In addition, the number of graduates passed evaluation procedures for inclusion in the international register of auditors / lead auditors. In Moscow the next certification course for Auditors / Lead Auditor "Course for Auditor / Lead Auditor of Compliance management system according to ISO19600: 2014" will be held on 6-­‐12 April, 2015. I am sure that the system Compliance Management System is an excellent tool to improve the efficiency of the company in the current economic situation, the possibility of harmonizing mandatory and voluntary requirements in the company, as well as national and corporate standards and the new ISO Standard 19600: 2014 will be an additional tool for the formation of competitive advantage . We invite you to take part in our business – events , which will be organized by LCBS (Russia), LCBS (Italy), UNIQUALITY (Russia) and KHC (Russia)! All information you can find on www.lcbs-­‐ww.com ! Kind regards, Veronica Yarnykh, Ph.D(economy), Managing Partner of Lean Compliance Business Solutions (Russia) certified lead auditor in ISO 19600: 2014 coordinator of the Association UNIQUALITY in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Associate Professor, School of Journalism RSHU Contact the program certification course and additional material on the site www.lcbs-­‐ww.com, + 7 (906) 095 22 75, [email protected]­‐ww.com ________________________________________________________________________________ Project LCBS (Lean Compliance Business Solutions) -­‐ an international network project created in 2014 by consultants from Russia and Italy. Our main goal is to ensure the implementation of international and national standards in the field of quality assurance and quality control of products and services in the organizational practices of our customers. Our specialization: Implementation and development of the company system Lean Compliance Management System, which allows the maximum coordinate all mandatory and voluntary requirements for the organization, including the ISO standards at all levels. Certification services according to international standards ISO 9001 and 19600. Training Services for auditors and certification of their competencies. ©LCBS Москва, Газетный переулок, д. 5, офис 525. + 7 (495) 778 71 13 1 
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