Legend Track and Field
The Titan Way
Young Men/Women
High School Training Program
Volume IV
• To truly become number one, you must constantly strive to
surpass yourself, not just the competition.
• Our high school track team's philosophy is based on life
lessons and the Titan Core Values of Legend High School.
• The lessons we practice as part of our team will be habits of
mind that will stay with you the rest of your lives.
Track and Field Values
Good, Better, Best
Never Let it Rest
Until Your GOOD is BETTER
And Your BETTER is BEST!
Positive Intent
Perseverance (Work Ethic)
Coaching Staff
• Roger Miller--Head Boys' Coach
• Megan Peterson--Head Girls' Coach
• Assistant Coaches:
o Landon Wiederstein--Throws
o Amy Lantz--Throws
o Rob Doyle--Sprints/Relays
o Kerri Rodenberg--Hurdles/High Jump
o Ken Weickum--Long Jumpt/Triple Jump
o Colleen Donnally--Pole Vault
o Scott DesBois--assistant track coach
Titan Track and Field Philosophy
• Athletes Compete with Positive Attitude and Effort
• Coaches- Coach/Teach all aspects of their event with a
“Team First” belief
• Parents- support and cheer
• Communication with Coaches, Athletes and Parents is a top
• Praise, Cheer, Encourage—Public
• Questions, Concerns- Private- with the Coaches
• Open Door: After practice, email or call us
Training Philosophy
• We train to benefit each student athlete to become a better
person as well as a better athlete
• Emphasis on TEAM
• Set goals and work towards them
• Develop athletes into competitive runners, jumpers,
throwers over their entire high school career.
• FUN! Team activities, team functions, summer camps, and
• Enjoy hard work, Enjoy competing, Enjoy success!
• Good Better Best
Program Goals
• Enjoy Track and Field
• Set and monitor individual goals over their 4 years at
• Prepare the student athlete for the college environment and
help to promote athletics in college and beyond
• Create a winning attitude towards league, state and national
• Help to develop relationships and connections for the future
• Our most important value
• Encourage and provide opportunities for the student athlete
to communicate with the coaches and with teammates.
• We value open communication from parents!
• Questions, concerns, comments on anything should first be
directed to the coaches. Coaches will make time for
discussions if needed outside of practice time. Mr. Jacobs
will always be a resource after communication with the
• Email is the best and fastest way to ask questions
o [email protected]
o [email protected]
• Please assume that we are here to help each athlete grow
as a person and help him/her to improve. When you have a
question about a meet, a practice, or any other situation,
please keep it positive when you communicate with the
• See our Athletic MOODLE page too!
• Monday: Meeting to go over the week’s schedule and to
recognize our outstanding efforts from the previous week
• 3:15-4:45ish (we will never go longer than 5:00pm)
• Warm Up as a complete team--warm up lap and dynamic
• Train in separate groups based on primary and secondary
events (workouts are altered for different levels--novice,
intermediate, advanced)
• Kids must think like athletes even when they are not at
practice: nutrition, rest, smart and healthy decisions
• All athletes are required to attend all practices! Any missed
practice needs to be excused--athlete should email a coach
BEFORE practice to be excused.
• Excessive excused absences will be addressed and may
result in sitting out meets.
• Coaches will work with individuals about scheduling
conflicts, however the expectation is that Legend Track and
Field is an athlete's priority.
• Our practices are essential to becoming better athletes and
a better team. Missing a practice is missing an opportunity
to get better.
• Meet line-ups are determined by effort and performance in
• Many of our varsity meets are held at Sports Authority
Stadium and so we do not provide transportation. Parents
are encouraged to see that the athletes get to the meet at
the required time (in most cases, all athletes are required to
be at the meet 1 hour before the first event).
• Transportation will be provided for junior varsity and varsity
meets out of the Parker area (some one-way buses, and
some round-trip). This will be communicated via the
Parent Expectations/Support
• Become involved as a track and field booster! We need
parent support with concessions, locker decorations, letterwriting fundraiser, and awards banquet. Sign up on our
website or email Megan Peterson at
[email protected] if you can help.
• Please allow your son/daughter to grow as a student/athlete
and make some decisions on their own. Sometimes
additional pressure from parents can do more harm than
• Whenever you have questions- Please communicate!!!
Fundraising Model
3 main ways to raise funds and support the program.
1) Support our uniform program (saves us $$)--see the link
on our website to purchase a uniform and spirit gear
2) Letter writing sponsorships
3) Home Track Meets--volunteer to work concessions
4) Nothing else! We don't sell cards or cookie dough!
Our primary fundraiser is a letter-writing campaign where we
ask each athlete to bring in a minimum of 5
addresses. Athletes send a letter asking for donations and
sponsorships to these addresses. In the past, this has a
been a hugely successful fundraiser for our team and
What do we fund-raise for?
• Meet entry fees
• Transportation
• Equipment-hurdles, throwing implements, mats,
stopwatches, pole vault poles,warm ups, bags, etc.
• Additional coaches' stipends
Stay healthy
Eat a balanced meal and keep calories up.
Multiple Vitamin
Girls: Ferritin levels and Iron (ask doctor)
Homework and Sleep
Always Communicate about health issues and concerns
5A Continental League
Highlands Ranch
Castle View
Mountain Vista
Rock Canyon