2013-2014 Calgary VCCE Tryouts

Volleyball Canada
Centre of Excellence
Calgary – 2013-2014
Volleyball Centre of Excellence
• Specifically designed to prepare high performance volleyball athletes to
take their game to the next level.
• Integrated sport performance team environment
• Physical assessments, testing, video analysis, strength and
• exclusive access to online resources through Sport Leader
• leading experts in Nutrition, Sport Psychology, and Athlete
• low coach to athlete ratio
• Focusing on Team Canada/Provincial Team Pathway athletes (Grade 8-12)
committed high school and club athletes
• VCCE professional team of coaches who have worked with provincial,
national and international level athletes
Why the VCCE?
• Gaps in the volleyball athlete development system
– Training hours vs preparing to compete hours
– Over competing – too many tournaments, too
few contacts
– Physical training/Movement patterns
• Inadequate/non-existent training
– Time to build the engine
– Skills lacking in current system – ball control,
– Positional play/specialization
Why the VCCE?
• Gaps in the volleyball coaching development system
– Lack System Alignment – Curriculum, multiple coaches/programs overlap
– Over competing – too many tournaments, game coaching vs skill coaching
– Current lack of on going training and professional development
– Emphasis on winning at young ages
• Professionalization of training and coaching
• Quality training environment with coaches committed to individual skill
• Identification of athletes based on potential
• Performance integration resources
• Professional development required/supported
The Plan for Athlete Development
 Why a plan?
 Provides a systematic
method for improving
athletes performance
and prepares them to
raise their level of play.
 Integrates the
components that
contribute to becoming
a high performance
Key Components
Video Analysis
Integrated Services
Strength and
Sport Psych
Strength and Conditioning
 Movement-based Strength & Conditioning
 Bridging the gap between injury prevention and
performance enhancement, including education
 Focused on sustainable, long term improvements
 1 session/week with strength coach
 Functional movement assessment
 Performance Testing
What are the benefits of a VCCE?
• Professional coaches –yearly professional development
and sharing best practices across Canada
• On-going training focused on individual skill
What are the benefits of a VCCE?
• National Id Program
• Physical and Skill
• Sport Leader
• Education sessions
• Resource Centre
• Exposure to
CIS/CCAA Coaches
What does the program
look like?
2013-2014 Calgary VCCE Tentative Fall Schedule
• Sept. 9th – Dec. 13th
• Jan. 13th – Apr. 18th
Grade 10-12 l Mon-Thurs l 630-830 AM
Max 24 athletes/gender
Training 2 times/week
1:6 ratio or better
1 hr Strength & Conditioning session/week (within 630-830 am session)
26 week program
$1,625.00 program fee
What does the program
look like?
Grade 8-9 l Friday l 600-800 AM
Max 24 athletes/gender
6:00am-8:00am 1 time/week
1:12 ratio or better
Injury prevention services
26 week program
$975.00 program fee
Tryout Details
2013-2014 Calgary VCCE Tryouts
Athletes trying out must have registered online + pd $10 tryout fee before
attending their tryout:
Female Gr.10-12 l June 12th, 2013 l 500-630pm l Gold Gym UofC
Female Gr.8-9 l June 12th, 2013 l 630-800pm l Red Gym UofC
Male Gr.10-12 l June 20th, 2013 l 500-630pm l Gold Gym UofC
Male Gr.8-9 l June 20th, 2013 l 630-800pm l Red Gym Uof C
Register Online + $10.00 Tryout Fee at the door
Registration and Medical forms must be submitted before trying out
What are the next steps?
• Attend the tryouts
• register online, $10 fee, medical and registration form
• Be selected to one of the training groups
• Financial commitment for the program (Details:
• Deadline to confirm your participation: June 30
• Local Admin Lead, Saralyn Stel
• VCCE Program Manager, Dawna Sales