2014-15 Swimming and Diving Rules PowerPoint


2014-2015 NCHSAA

Swimming and Diving

Brad Alford – Director of Sports and


National Federation of State

High School Associations


Swimming and Diving

Rules Changes

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Reorganized Rule 3-3-4

 The rule has been reorganized in a list form for easier reference and compliance

 Divers now permitted to use tape, at any location, for support

Adhesives not permitted

Rule 3-3-4

 Adhesives are not allowed to be used during competition by a swimmer or diver

• Adhesive sprays and similar materials get on the board and become sticky or slick with water

• Used by swimmers, the adhesive transfers to the block or touch pad, causing it to become slick

Unsporting conduct

Rules 3-6-1 and 3-6-3

 Unsporting conduct will disqualify a swimmer from further competition in the meet; and, subject to state association rules, possible withholding from future meets

 Unacceptable conduct (such as profanity, failure to follow the directions of a meet official and other such actions) will disqualify a swimmer from that event

NCHSAA Ejection Policy

• Fighting

• Leaving the bench area

• Flagrant contact

• Biting

• Taunting, baiting or spitting toward an opponent or official

• Profanity (directed toward an official or opponent)

• Obscene gestures

• Disrespectfully addressing an official

Ejection from contest = miss remainder of contest and next 2 contest at that level (4 for fighting)

Student-Athlete or Administrator disqualified or ejected = NFHS

Sportsmanship Course

Coach ejected = NFHS Teaching and Modeling Behavior Course

Players ejected for fighting: Coach=NFHS Teaching and Modeling Behavior


Starter ’ s pistol

Rules 2-7-3 NOTE, 4-3-1 NOTE

 The sounding device for the start or final lap shall not be a pistol capable of discharging live ammunition or a closed barreled starter ’ s pistol

Forward start

Rule 8-1-5

 Once called to the starting platforms, should the referee/starter give the command “ Stand up, ” the swimmers should remain on the starting platforms

 Swimmers will not enter the water or delay a new start by stepping down

 Referees and starters should direct swimmers to step down only when unusual circumstances occur

Backstroke finish

Rule 8-2-1e

 After breaking the surface of the water, the swimmer must remain on the surface

• Any part of the swimmer ’ s body is on or above the surface

 The only exception to remaining on or above the surface once breaking the water surface is for turns

 Only when the entire body is submerged is there a violation of the rule

Diving Warm-ups

Rule 9-2-1

 Divers shall be permitted at least two practice approaches during specified warm-up times prior to each diving session

 Each approach may be with or without a water entry

 Divers are allowed to do practice dives from the published dive list for practice water entry approaches

Order of Divers – Championship Meets

Rule 9-2-2

 Subject to the meet director ’ s discretion and published prior to the competition, divers may be reordered by rank – lowest to highest scores – following the semifinal round

 With no previous action by the meet director, the default is keeping the divers in the same dive order as preliminaries/semifinals

New Diving Award Scale

Rule 9-7-2

 Excellent 10 ;

 Very good 8½ to 9½ ;

 Good 7 to 8 ;

 Satisfactory 5 to 6½ ;

 Deficient 2½ to 4½ ;

 Unsatisfactory ½ to 2;

 Failed 0.

National Federation of State

High School Associations


Swimming and Diving

Major Editorial Changes

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Entries by Individuals

Rule 3-2-1 PENALTY

 A competitor participating, or attempting to participate, in more than the allowable number of events is disqualified from that event and further competition

• The competitor(s) shall not be disqualified from events in subsequent rounds for which he/she has previously and legally qualified

(previous performance not nullified)


 Official discovers competitor wearing an illegal swimsuit (wearing two suits or illegal construction)

• Observed after heat begins – competitor disqualified at completion of heat, performance time nullified and competitor not eligible for further competition until in legal swimsuit

Other Editorial Changes

 6-4-1a,b (button or watch times)

 9-3-5 …(with the number and degree of difficulty of the voluntary dive(s) circled or otherwise clearly identified )…

Voluntary Dives –

Clearly Identified

Other Editorial Changes

Appendix B



DQ If electronic equipment AND either takeoff judge OR dual confirmation by

BOTH takeoff judges.

-0.09 through -0.01

DQ MUST have confirmation by at least one (1) takeoff judge.

0.00 through +0.09



Judges are not considered.

National Federation of State

High School Associations


Swimming and Diving

Points of Emphasis

Take Part. Get Set For Life.™

Touch Pads

NOT legal touch

Gutter line

Legal touch

Legal touch

Pad small for lane

Pad has shifted

 When pads are used:

 Touch includes the entire lane, as pads should be proper width, or the area where the pad should be located

 Touching above the pad is NOT a legal finish


 Unsporting conduct includes, but is not limited to, making insulting or derogatory remarks, gestures, or acts including taunting, trying to influence, showing disgust or interfering with an official

 Team personnel shall be disqualified from further competition, including events in which previously qualified, for unsporting conduct


 Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to, the use of profanity whether or not it is directed at another person or any action which could discredit the individual or his/her high school

 Team personnel shall be disqualified from that event

 The meet referee always retains the authority under Rule 3-6-1 to disqualify a competitor for any act he/she deems as unsporting conduct

Showing up for events at championship meets

 It is the competitor ’ s responsibility to compete in each and every race or round he/she is entered

 The coach has the responsibility to make sure the athletes on his/her team report as required and this should be communicated clearly with his/her athletes at the meet, as well as at the start of the season for athlete accountability

Showing up for events at championship meets

 If, for some reason, an athlete is not going to compete in a scheduled event in which entered, the coach must notify the referee of a declared false start prior to the start of the event to avoid disqualification of the athlete

Stacked hands

NFHS Swimming and Diving


 The Rules Book, Scorebook and other swimming and diving materials can be ordered:

• online at www.nfhs.com

• by calling 1-800-776-3462

NFHS E-books

 Electronic versions of NFHS Rules and Case Books are now available for purchase as e-books

 Apple users can visit iTunes for available books

 Apple, Android and Kindle users can buy e-books from Amazon.com and view them through the Kindle app

 $5.99

• Visit www.nfhs.org/ebooks for more information

Swimming and Diving Officials ’

Guidelines Manuals

 The revised manuals are available August 1 on the following Web site locations: http://www.nfhs.org/Swimming/ https://nfhs-swimming-diving.arbitersports.com/front/105415/Site



All NFHS courses can be accessed at www.nfhslearn.com



The quality of responsible behavior characterized by a spirit of generosity and a genuine concern for opponents, officials and teammates.

• Wholesome athletic environment

• Good Sportsmanship > Victory

• Modest in victory, gracious in defeat

• Respecting judgment and integrity of game officials

• Role modeling good behavior

Important Dates

Start Wednesday, October 29

1 st Contest Monday, November 17

Reporting Saturday, January 31

6:00 p.m.

Regionals Friday, February 6

Saturday, February 7

States 3A: Thursday, February 12

1A/2A: Friday, February 13

4A: Saturday, February 14

Number of Contests

• Pre-season

– 2 varsity scrimmages

• Does not count toward season limitation

– Multi-team scrimmages are allowed

• Regular Season

– 3 scheduled meets per week

– 1 per day individual limit

• Post Season

– Varsity conference meets are considered part of the state playoffs

• Does not count toward season limitation

Dead Periods

• FALL 2014

August 1 through September 1


February 16 through March 15

• Summer 2015

June 29-July 5

July 20-July 26

Approved Board Items

Practice Games and Scrimmages

• Schools that have individuals qualifying to the regional and/or state individual playoffs, after the regular season is over for the team, may work out or scrimmage one-onone against students from another school where competition is not available at their own school.

– Limited to one partner for each qualifier advancing, whether from their own school or another school.


• Referee and two stroke and turn judges be required for meets using six or fewer lanes.

• Referee and three stroke and turn judges be required for meets using more than six lanes.


• Schools are responsible for securing

– Minimum 2 per school

• Proper number of meet officials for times to be official

• Payment

– Referee: $51

– Stroke and Turn: $26

– Starter: $26

– Should be paid on site!




4 Easy StepS:

1. Where to register?

2. How to register?

3. The costs of registration

4. The NCHSAA’s Follow-up Post registration

Where do I register?

• The website to register as a swimming official: https://officiating.nchsaa.org

STEP 1: Create a Profile

STEP 2: Log-in

• Returning Officials will simply log into their account

• If you need a password reset contact the NCHSAA

• New officials will use the username and password that was just created

Step 3: Register & Pay

Registration Costs $51.00 before November 15, 2014.

Registration Follow Up

• Registration Packet Mailed to your address. It will include the following:

• Rules Book

• Clinic Schedule

• Exam information

• Meet Verification Form


TESTING WINDOW: November 7-21, 2014

Swimming Regional Entries with Direct Athletics

• Sign into www.directathletics.com




You may sign in and out changing times and updating entries until the entry deadline of 6pm on Saturday, January 31.

{Sign-in before this date, in case of difficulty}

Swimming Regional Entries with Direct Athletics

• Update Contact Information






When you register your contact information with Direct

Athletics, make sure you are giving the coach’s phone

number where he/she can be reached on January 31st or

February 1st. If there are any issues with your entries, this is the number we’ll call. Do this for both Women’s & Men’s.

Swimming Regional Entries with Direct Athletics

Register the appropriate information for all your athletes






Or Men’s

Make sure you hit the “SUBMIT” button each and every time you update information so that it’s saved.

Swimming Regional Entries with Direct Athletics

Upcoming Meet:

(Will show up in early January)

Select to enter Swimmers/Divers in their events.



SATURDAY, January 31 @ 6:00 P.M.

Swimming Regional Entries with Direct Athletics

Swimming Entries:

– Make sure all athletes are entered in


– Be sure to enter your RELAY EVENTS

– Teams may enter no more than four swimmers per individual event and no more than one team per relay

Swimming Regional Entries with Direct Athletics

Diving Entries

– Divers must have successfully competed in at least one meet during the regular season in order to enter regional competition.

• Enter best diving score from season into

Direct Athletics, then complete the diving entry form found online at: http://www.diverline.com/DiveVerifierProgram.htm

Two copies must be brought to the diving meet.

Swimming Regional Entries with Direct Athletics

 A printed copy of the DirectAthletic

entries, along with the NCHSAA master

eligibility list for the swimming and diving team, must be signed by the principal, and coaches must present this at check in at all regional meets.

 Make a copy for presentation at the diving regional also.

Eligibility & Compliance

Carolyn Shannonhouse – Assistant



• Power Point

– Required viewing for all coaches

– Should be done with the athletic director

– Includes opportunities to discuss concussions/sudden cardiac arrests/Sickle Cell Trait, etc.


• Preseason Meeting

– Required attendance by all parents

– Time to share rules, regulations, expectations, philosophy etc.

– Time to get all required signatures--pledges, Gfeller-Waller information, etc.


• Eligibility Checklist

– Use to ensure school has done its due diligence

Clinic Attendance

Head coaches in football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, softball, and track & field and lacrosse must attend an NCHSAA approved State Rules Clinic.

– Must be completed prior to coaching in the first contest; subject to $400 fine, in addition to a $500 fine if he/she actually coaches in the contest

– Can be satisfied at the NC Coaches ’ Association Clinic being held here in Greensboro—July 21-24

Clinic Attendance

– If the head coach cannot attend the NCCA clinic or is not hired until afterwards, the requirement can also be met at one of the statewide officials ’ clinics, which are posted on the NCHSAA Website under clinics. Please note that several volleyball and soccer clinics for officials occur prior to the NCCA Clinic.

• Athletic directors cannot satisfy this requirement by attending a rules ’ session in place of the head coach



• NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Course

– Currently, all non-faculty and newly hired coaches must take the Fundamentals of Coaching Course; certificate of completion must be on file at the individual school

– Complete prior to first contest; subject to a $500 fine; continuing to coach without completion = another $500

All coaches must have satisfied the requirement to take this course by August 1, 2015.



• Concussion Management Certification

Effective August 1, 2014, the NFHS Concussion Course

(free on-line course) or an equivalent course must be completed by all coaches

Prior to the first date of practice for that sport; subsequently, the certificate of completion must be on file at the individual school; subject to $500 fine



“ Education is a journey, not a destination ”



– Accredited Interscholastic Coach (AIC)

• Requires completion of 4 courses:

– Fundamentals of Coaching

– 1 st Aid, Health & Safety for Coaches

– Sport Specific Course or Teaching Sports


– Concussion in Sports (Free)



– Certified Interscholastic Coach (CIC)

• Completion of AIC requirements

• Plus:

– Teaching & Modeling Behavior

– Engaging Effectively with Parents

– Sportsmanship

– Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment

– Strength & Conditioning

– 2 additional courses (User Choice0


• Teaching & Modeling Behavior Course

– Required for any coach ejected during a contest

– Required for any coach who has player (s) ejected for fighting

• NFHS Sportsmanship Course

– Replaces the Star Sportsmanship Course for any ejected/disqualified player

– Free, on-line course (nfhslearn.com)

• All certificates must be sent to NCHSAA

Gfeller-Waller Concussion Law

• Requirements of the Law:

– Concussion signs and symptoms

• Given prior to participation

• Parents/athletes sign indicating “ receipt of ”

– Return to Play (RTP) form signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine

When in doubt, sit them out ”

– An up-to-date Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

• Must be on-file

• Must be posted

• Must be updated annually

Transfer Policy

• Now one year old

• If a bona fide change of residence—no transfer waiver necessary

• Transfer packet with forms are on-line; password protected

• Work with athletic director to ensure students meet residence rule requirements

Master Eligibility Form

Added a column in order to indicate a student

“ meets local promotion standards ”

Changed the attendance column to indicate a student “ meets local attendance policy ” ; note that the statewide 85% rule has given way to the local requirements relative to attendance

Have a Great Year!

• Get involved with student services

• Visit the NCHSAA website often

• Sign-in for attendance credit

– Coaches: Avoid $400 fine for your school