National Federation of State
High School Associations
Swimming and Diving
Rules Changes
Major Editorial Changes
Points of Emphasis
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National Federation of State
High School Associations
1st Day of Practice:
- No earlier than Oct. 31st
Date of 1st Contest:
- No earlier than Nov. 21st
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National Federation of State
High School Associations
Reporting Deadline Thursday the week prior, 5:00pm
Regionals February 3-4 (diving normally the day before)
State 3A-Feb. 9, 1A/2A-Feb. 10, 4A –Feb.11
Diving: Prior day
Please refer to the NCHSAA Web Site:
For schedule of events (Swimming/Diving Page
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National Federation of State
High School Associations
Coaches working with outside organized club team
(USA) may not coach the team during the dead periods
if any swimmers/divers on the team are from his/her
Also, coaches (head, assistant, or volunteer) working
with outside organized teams during school year are
limited to no more than 6 swimmers (6 girls and 6 boys)
or divers from their high schools.
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Dead Periods:
-Fall Try Out Dead Period
July 30 through Aug. 15
-Spring Try Out Dead Period
Feb. 13 through March 15
Season Limitation:
All regular season meets and conference
tournaments must be completed before the playoff
reporting deadline.
National Federation of State
High School Associations
**On All NCHSAA Ejections**
Two officials must notify the head coach of the player
being ejected and the player’s number.
One of the following seven offenses:
1) Fighting
2)Flagrant Contact
3) Taunting, Baiting or Spitting toward an
opponent or official
4) Profanity directed to an official or
5) Obscene Gestures
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
National Federation of State
High School Associations
6) Disrespectfully Addressing an Official
Note: Deliberately Contacting an Official is automatic
expulsion for the remainder of her high school career.
7) Biting Observed by an Official
Penalty for an ejection for the above reasons results in an ejection
from the contest and the player must miss the next two at that
level and all contests in the interim.
Exception : The penalty for an ejection for fighting would be the
player will miss the next 4 contests at that level and all contest in
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
the interim.
if student athlete or coach is ejected or DQ’ed, must complete
the STAR Sportsmanship course on-line before returning to
competition in addition to serving the contest penalty.; bottom right corner of home page is link for STAR
There is now a fee involved for this course. If player ejected,
the school must pay the cost of the course ($7).
If a team has players ejected due to fighting, the head coach
must take the NFHS Learn Course, “Teaching and Modeling
BehaBehavior” ($20 fee). It must be completed before coaching
in th I in the next contest.
Reminders, cont.:
Coaching Requirement:
All coaches must attend a required meeting with athletic
director to view a power point presentation prepared by
the NCHSAA staff. Health and Safety slides have been
added which address the concussion policy.
Concussion Rule:
If a student receives head injury or suspected concussion,
he/she cannot return to practice that day and/or must have
the return to play form signed by Dr. licensed to practice
medicine before returning to practice and/or play; form has
been developed by SMAC and can be found on the
NCHSAA website ( under Sports Medicine,
RTP (Return to Play) Form.
Concussion Rule, conti.
 Now a state law that you cannot return
student to play or practice without RTP
 Must have EAP checked by certified athletic
 Must give resource information relative to
concussions to students and parents and they
must sign the papers provided indicating that
they have reviewed the information
Reminders, cont.:
Pre-Participation (Physical) Form: Any
student-athlete requiring a new physical (once every
365 days) must use the form found on the website
under forms and Sports Medicine.
 Pay close attention to question #25 on the first page
which ask about the history of sickle cell.
Reminders, cont.:
Amateur Rule:
A student-athlete may receive t-shirts, food
coupons, etc. if it does not exceed $20 value
per season.
Age Rule Change:
No student may be approved for any athletic
contest if his or her 19th birthday comes on or
before August 31, 2011.
Reminders, conti:
Endowment Games:
If an endowment meet is approved and held, then the
report must be filed and the appropriate money sent
to the NCHSAA.
180 Day Term is now 185 Day Term:
Attendance is still based on attending 85% of the
number of days in a semester.
NCHSAA has clarified the Sanctioning Section in the
NCHSAA Handbook. Please review if inviting
schools from other states and countries or if you are
sponsoring an event involving schools from other
states or countries.
Reminders , cont.
Variation of Schedules:
Note: Examples of variation of curriculum
schedules, such as the hybrids, are now
included in the Scholastic Requirement
section of the NCHSAA Handbook.
Students below the 9th grade shall not play or
practice against high school students during
open facility or skill development during the
185 day school term.
Visit the NCHSAA website often/daily
National Federation of State
High School Associations
Noise makers are prohibited at swimming meets
No Face/Body Paint is allowed (spectators or
Promoting good sportsmanship is everyone’s
Coaches set the example and tone for their athletes
and fans.
Jewelry: Coaches, please discuss the jewelry rule with your
players. Newly pierced earrings must come out and may not
be covered.
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National Federation of State
High School Associations
Divers must have successfully competed in at least one
meet during the regular season in order to enter regional
A printed copy of the Direct Athletic entries must be signed
by the principal, and coaches must present this at check in at
1A/2A and 3A and 4A regional meets.
Do not fax diving sheets to regional directors. The diving
entry form can be found on online at:
Remember (2) copies must be brought to the meet.
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
A referee and three other officials required for times to
A flat fee of $45 is to be paid the referees and a flat
fee of $20 to be paid to each stroke and turn judge
and the starter
Schools- must recruit their own officials to register with
the NCHSAA (register @:
Registration is open NOW
The NFHS exam and the NCHSAA Referee exam
taken online no later than Dec. 5.
The NFHS exam taken by ALL officials (including
Officials Conti:
The Referee Exam is required for officials working
towards the two (2) year criteria to become a referee,
as well as current referees.
Verification Forms:
Forms must be signed at each meet the official
works. The form must be returned to the NCHSAA
Office by March 2, 2012
Official’s Qualification Data:
Information, grades and referee status can be found
on, click on the Swimming and
Diving Tab (left hand side of the home page)
National Federation of State
High School Associations
Qualifying Times:
There are automatic and consideration times again for all classes, 1A/2A, 3A
and 4A Regionals. All swimmers with automatic qualifying times will be
accepted into the meet regardless of the number of swimmers who qualify. If
there are any empty lanes in the slowest heat of any event, the swimmers or
relay teams with the fastest consideration times will be accepted to fill out the
empty lanes.
QUALIFYING TIMES can be found on the web site: , under
Swimming & Diving Page.
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
National Federation of State
High School Associations
Top-eight fastest times from each 4A regional (East, Central and West)
Top-twelve fastest times from each1A/2A and 3A regional (East and West)
In order to qualify for and advance to State Championships each swimmer or
relay team must have achieved the Regional Qualifying standard (automatic or
consideration) during either the Preliminary or Final competition.
No split times or aggregate times are allowed for qualifying relay teams
Check the NCHSAA website on an ongoing basis for any updates. You must
refresh your computer to make sure it shows the new changes
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
National Federation of State
High School Associations
Check the NCHSAA website ( for entry
procedures for Direct Athletics. Deadline for submission of
playoff entries is the Thursday, 5:00 pm the week prior to the
1A/2A, 3A and 4A Regional Meets.
No face/body paint is allowed and SPORTSMANSHIP is
everyone’s responsibility!
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
National Federation of State
High School Associations
** Schools fielding a team must compete as a team
during the regular season and times must be achieved
in high school competition.
**Individuals representing their school, where no team is
fielded, must achieve qualifying times in high school
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
National Federation of State
High School Associations
High-Tech Swimsuits Banned in High School Swimming
The NFHS Swimming and Diving Rules Committee approved changes to Rule
3-2-2 that will make the high-tech swimsuit no longer a legal suit for swimmers
at the high school level. The committee’s recommendations were subsequently
approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. Swimmers shall be limited to one
swimsuit, which shall be constructed of a woven/knit textile material, permeable
to water and air, constructed so as not to aid in buoyancy, and shall not contain
zippers or other fastening systems. In addition, the suit shall be constructed so
that the style/shape for males shall not extend above the waist or below the top
of the kneecap and for females shall not extend beyond the shoulders or below
the top of the kneecap, and it shall not cover the neck.
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
National Federation of State
High School Associations
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
In-Water Starts
Rule 2-7-2b Chart
 In-water starts must be used in pools where
the pool depth is less than 4 feet deep
Water Depth from End Wall to The
Point of Entry (0-5M)
MAXIMUM Height of Platforms/Decks
Above Water Surface
4 feet or more
Less than 4 feet
Start in water
Referee’s Jurisdiction
Rule 4-1-4
 The meet referee’s jurisdiction begins upon arrival at
the meet site and ends with the completion of the last
event. The meet referee shall establish the official
score of the meet within one hour after the last event
under Rule 4-2-3. The meet referee maintains
administrative responsibilities for the contest through
the completion of any required reports or
correspondence in response to any action occurring
while the officials have jurisdiction. State
associations may intercede in the event of unusual
incidents after the meet referee’s jurisdiction has
ended or in the event that a meet is terminated prior
to the conclusion of regulation competition
Referee’s Jurisdiction
Rule 4-1-4 SITUATION
 SITUATION: A fight between participants
occurred during a contest and this situation
caused the contest to end abruptly. Everyone
at the event was immediately evacuated from
the premises (including those directly involved).
Though the competitors, coaches and fans
have all left the facility, the meet referee would
still maintain the administrative responsibility to
rule on the incident occurring because it
occurred while he/she had jurisdiction.
Referee’s Jurisdiction
Rule 4-1-4 SITUATION
 RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT:
The meet referee, even though removed from
the pool area, still maintains the responsibility
to complete any reports, including
disqualifications, that would have taken place
during the contest had he/she not had to
leave the pool area.
 In contrast, a fight that occurs in the parking
lot following the conclusion of a contest would
not be the responsibility of the meet referee.
Seeding Divers – Championship Meets
Rule 9-2-2
 The order of divers in championship meets,
determined by the meet director, shall be
either by lot or by seeding based on the
diver’s best competitive 11 dive score
submitted from the current season. If seeding
by dive scores, divers without 11 dive scores
shall be seeded by lot at the beginning of the
diving order. The same relative position of
divers shall be maintained for all levels of
Determining Dive Order In Championship
Meets – Using Best Past 11 Dive Score
Rule 9-2-2
Linda Muxfeld
Stacey Lambert
Tracie Brown
Kathy Topp
Tina Brown
Cheryl Mitchel
11 Dive Score
Determining Dive Order In Championship
Meets – Random Draw
Rule 9-2-2
Tina Brown
Stacey Lambert
Tracie Brown
Kathy Topp
Cheryl Mitchel
Linda Muxfeld
11 Dive Score
Determining Dive Order In Championship
Meets – Combination
Rule 9-2-2
Tracie Brown
Linda Muxfeld
Stacey Lambert
Tracie Brown
Kathy Topp
Cheryl Mitchel
11 Dive Score
No Score
No Score
Twisting Dives
Rule 9-4 – Diving Table
 The degree of difficulty for the following
twisting dives have been changed:
 5227D to 3.2 3.1
 5126D to 2.8 2.7
 5136D to 3.1 3.0
Forward Approach and Takeoff
Rule 9-5-2
 The forward approach shall begin with not
less than three steps and finish with a hurdle,
defined as a jump off one foot to a landing on
both feet at the end of the board. The diver
may use additional steps, hops, leaps and/or
jumps between the initial three steps and the
culminating hurdle. The forward takeoff shall
be from both feet simultaneously to an
adequate height to perform the dive
Forward Approach and Takeoff
Rule 9-5-2
 Components of forward approach and
Must have at least May use additional
three steps
steps, hops, leaps
and/or jumps
Must finish with
culminating hurdle
Takeoff must be
from both feet
simultaneously at
end of board
Forward Approach and Takeoff
Rule 9-5-2
Forward Approach and Takeoff
Rule 9-5-2
Forward Approach and Takeoff
Rule 9-5-2
Forward Approach and Takeoff
Rule 9-5-2
Flying Dives
Rule 9-5-6 NOTE
 Flying dives demonstrating one somersault
require the straight position be maintained
from the takeoff until the body has rotated to
the horizontal position (1/4 rotation)
 Flying dives demonstrating one and one half
somersaults require the straight position be
maintained until the body has rotated to the
vertical position (1/2 rotation)
Flying Dives
Rule 9-5-6 NOTE
112C Forward Flying Somersault Tuck
Flying Dives
Rule 9-5-6 NOTE
413C Inward Flying 1½ Tuck
National Federation of State
High School Associations
Swimming and Diving
Major Editorial Changes
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
Rule 3-3-2
 The uniform consists of a suit and, if worn, cap(s).
• The suit or cap(s) may display the name and/or
number of the competitor, school or mascot;
• Advertising or name other than that permitted in 3-3-2c
is prohibited;
• A single visible manufacturer’s
logo/trademark/reference, no more than 2 ¼ square
inches is permitted on each item of the uniform (suit
and cap(s));
• An American flag, not to exceed 2x3 inches, and either
a commemorative or memorial patch, not to exceed 4
square inches and with written state association
approval, may be worn on each item of the uniform.
 NOTE: The FINA mark and/or individual…
Rule 3-3-2
 The competitor has the option to wear a swim
 If worn, the competitor may wear more than
one cap
 The cap may display
name and/or number of competitor
American flag meeting size restrictions in 3-3-2d
manufacturer’s logo under rule 3-3-2c
Rule 3-3-2
Rule 3-3-2
Rule 3-3-2
Accommodations for Individual
Rule 3-3-4 NOTE
 Each state association may, in keeping with
applicable laws, authorize exceptions to NFHS
playing rules to provide reasonable
accommodations to individual participants with
disabilities and/or special needs, as well as those
individuals with unique and extenuating
circumstances. The accommodations should not
fundamentally alter the sport, allow an otherwise
illegal piece of equipment, create risk to the
athlete/others or place opponents at a
Illegal Jewelry
Rule 3-3-5
 A competitor shall not wear jewelry. When it is
discovered that any competitor is wearing…
 NOTE: When the competitor starts an event/round
and is observed with jewelry, he/she shall complete
that heat/round and be notified to remove the jewelry
before becoming eligible for any further participation...
 PENALTY: When an official discovers a competitor
wearing jewelry, a subsequent time within the
same meet, the official shall:…
Meet Committee
Rule 4-1-2
 Breaks ART. 1 into 2 articles
 ART. 1…Championship swimming
competition…a recorder and an
 ART. 2…A meet committee and a meet
Integration of Backup Times
Rule 6-4-1
 When the referee determines there is a malfunction
of the primary (automatic or semi-automatic) timing
system, and decides there is a need to integrate
backup times, the following procedures should be
followed: (eliminates additional language)
• a. Malfunction for a Heat:…
Other Editorial Changes
 3-5-1
 7-1-2f
 8-1-2
Change terminology
from “act in an
unsporting manner” to
“display unsporting
Scoring shall follow
7-1-3a and 7-1-3b
Deleted reference “or
after” the start as this is
covered elsewhere in
the rules
National Federation of State
High School Associations
Swimming and Diving
Points of Emphasis
Take Part. Get Set For Life.™
Points of Emphasis
Pre-meet Conference with
Coaches and Captains
 Good communication before the meet
ensures the competition will go smoothly
 Referee, under Rule 4-2-1, has responsibility
to meet with coaches and captains through a
pre-meet conference
 General information and items specific to the
site should be covered at this time
Points of Emphasis
Pre-meet Conference with
Coaches and Captains
 Some of the more important items to
address include:
• Introductions
• Reminder that jewelry is not to be worn
during warm-ups or competition
• Coaches confirm all contestants are in
legal suits and in compliance with jewelry
• Inform whether starting protocol will follow
verbal starts or only whistle commands
Points of Emphasis
Pre-meet Conference with
Coaches and Captains
• Confirm the type of starting device to be used
• Remind that teammates should stay back away
from the edge of the pool during races
• Cooperation is requested to have it quiet for the
start of each race
• Remind swimmers of the whistle to get swimmers
on the blocks
• Cover warm-down procedures
• Cover diving warm-ups
• Review schedule of warm-ups following diving or
in the absence of diving during the meet
• Remind of proper sporting conduct
Points of Emphasis
Forward Approach in Diving
 The new definition of the forward approach permits
the diver to have greater flexibility in movement
between the required initial three steps to begin the
approach and the culminating hurdle and takeoff
 Following the three steps the diver may include:
• Hop
• Leap
• Steps, etc.
 The diver then will go into the culminating hurdle and
simultaneous two feet takeoff from the end of the
The Role of the Parent in Sports
 Designed for parents
 Explains what interscholastic
athletics are about
 Provides information and resources
to ensure their child has a positive
educational sport experience
 Includes units on:
What interscholastic athletics are about
What You and Your Child Want Out of School Sports
Having a Successful Educational Sport Experience
Making the Call
Plan for Improvement
Keeping Perspective
(Research based content provided by MSU Institute of Study of Youth Sport)
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