San Rafael - Browns Elementary School

Mission San Rafael
Jaden Cowan
April 8, 2014
Mission San Rafael Arcangel
1104 Fifth Avenve San
Rafael CA
20th Mission
Originally Founded By
Fr.Vincete De Sarre
2nd Founded By Ft.Gily
Daily Life
Everyone who lived at the mission had jobs.
The California Indians worked the fields and
built buildings.
The Spanish Priests taught the Indians Spanish
religion, language, culture and farming
The Soldiers were there to protect the mission,
pueblo and presidio.
Built as an assisting hospital for Mission
Was advanced to full mission status in 1823,
but was abandoned soon after
In 1846, Captain Fremont and his men
quartered in the deserted mission
So good of a hospital is drew patients from
other missions other than San Francisco.
Interesting Mission Facts
San Rafael Arcangel was basically a hospital
for San Francisco.
General Vallejo took all the livestock, even the
vines and fruit trees after the mission was put
under his administration.
Mission San Rafael Arcangel