Project Tracker: Kidbrooke

Future London Leaders
Project Tracker Round Table Event
27th January 2011
Kidbrooke Village
Project Tracker Team:
Daniel Fordham – RS1
Head of Olympic Coordination, 2012 Unit
LB Tower Hamlets
Johanna Gibbons – RS1
Principal Transport Planner
Transport for London
Nnenna Urum-Eke – RS1
Estate Regeneration Coordinator
Southwark Council
Project Overview
The redevelopment aims to reverse negative socio-economic indicators that have
stigmatised the residents of the Ferrier Estate.
The £1 billion project is made up of 5 phases to be completed over 15-20 years. Requires the
relocation of 1,910 households.
There will be an increase of up to 4,000 homes and it will encourage sustainability by ensuring
a tenure mix including private, affordable and social rented homes.
In addition to the new homes, the project will deliver new social infrastructure, including the
redevelopment of Thomas Tallis School and a new integrated health facility.
Other outcomes include over 300,000 square feet of commercial and retail space
(including a new hotel) and public realm improvements such as a new transport
interchange, 8 hectares of new public open space and investment in Sutcliffe Park.
Employment and training initiatives, including work-placement assistance for rehousing
tenants, are delivered the local authority in partnership with Southern and Berkeley Homes.
Kidbrooke Masterplan
Kidbrooke Masterplan cont’d
Under 300 tenants remaining
Less than 35 leaseholders
Vacant possession expected by 2011
Phase 1 – On site
Completion: end of 2012
Will deliver 449 new dwellings, of which 229 will be affordable homes prioritised for existing residents. The
first 16 homes became available for occupation in September 2010.
Phase 2a & 2 – Preliminary Works & Vacant Possession
Start on site: end of March 2011
Will deliver 574 new dwellings and a 170 unit extra care facility that will contain a main catering kitchen
and dining room, communal lounges, onsite care team and possible extra facilities such as hairdressing,
chiropody, shop, café, IT suite, fitness area and library
Phase 3, The Village Centre – Design Consultation
Planning Submission: February 2011
Will deliver 950 new dwellings, a 110-bed hotel, a supermarket, shops, community facilities, underground
parking and a new transport interchange for buses and trains.
Tracking Kidbrooke
Site Visit & Consultation
Project Meetings
– Greenwich Local Labour and
Business (GLLaB), Kidbrooke
Project Team and Economic
Development Steering Group
meeting (Johanna)
– Network Group meeting (Nnenna)
– Stakeholder Group meeting (Daniel)
Project Briefing
Lessons Learnt
Social Infrastructure
Dedicated role & Council Leadership
Sustainable community
Local Economic Outcomes
Rehousing/VP Delays
Communications & Engagement
Added Value Partnering
Integrated approach
Council Leadership
Pre-completion (community safety, service provision,
Post completion
Project Outlook
Immediate Milestones
•Phase 2: Start on site before 1 April
•Phase 3: Planning consent in 2011
Risks & Issues
•Vacant possession, particularly on Phase
•Cuts to affordable housing fund
•New 80% market rent funding model
•Ferrier Residents Action Group
Critical Success Criteria
•Phase 2 on site 2011
•Full VP by end of 2011
•Delivering affordable social rented homes
on Phase 3
•Improvement in area socio-economic
indices by 2021 census
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