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Literary Elements
Chapters 18 -22
In the end…
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Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from H1
How does winning the school
election cause more problems at
home for Adeline?
$100 Answer from H1
Adeline’s friends are so excited about the win that
they follow her home and surprise her with a
celebration and gifts. Niang accuses Adeline of
planning the party despite instructions to never have
house guests. Also, Niang accuses Adeline of
bragging about the win and tells her that she is
ungrateful and disrespectful.
$200 Question from H1
Why does Aunt Baba call
Adeline’s exceptional grades her
“secret weapon”?
$200 Answer from H1
She feels that Adeline can use her good grades to
become anybody she wants. She wants Adeline to
always try her best because Aunt Baba feels Adeline
has something priceless inside which she must not
waste. Using this “secret weapon” will allow Adeline
to prove Father and Niang wrong.
$300 Question from H1
How does November 30th
become Adeline’s birthday?
$300 Answer from H1
Unfortunately, November 30th becomes
Adeline’s birthday because her father
cannot remember the date of her birth
nor is her birthday ever celebrated in the
home. He choses this date because it is
the date of his own birth.
$400 Question from H1
Why does Adeline feel like “a
piece of garbage that has been
tossed aside” when she is taken to
her new school?
$400 Answer from H1
Adeline feels like a piece of garbage that has
been tossed aside when she is taken to her new
school because she is dismissed by Niang and
her own father does not even look at her, let
alone say goodbye to her, when they drop her
off at the boarding school.
$500 Question from H1
How does Adeline come to be the
only student in St. Joseph?
$500 Answer from H1
At this time in China a civil war was occurring. Many
Chinese citizens were fleeing to southern China or to
other countries. All of the students had left Tianjin
with their families.
$100 Question from H2
How does Victor’s attitude towards
his sister differ from that of Adeline’s
brothers towards her?
$100 Answer from H2
Victor’s attitude towards his sister differs from that of
Adeline’s brothers towards her because despite some
teasing that Victor may do, he truly loves his sister
and protects her. Adeline realizes this when she
watches Victor show Claudine how to put the life
jacket on and tighten it.
$200 Question from H2
What difference does Adeline detect in
Ye Ye when she arrives in Hong Kong?
$200 Answer from H2
When Adeline arrives in Hong Kong she
detects that Ye Ye is defeated. He has
given up on the situation with Niang.
Adeline notes that the only reason he is
still there is to be loyal to his own son.
$300 Question from H2
What silent promise did Adeline make
to Ye Ye after the incident with the
$300 Answer from H2
Adeline silently promises Ye Ye that things will
change. She does not know how or when, but she
plans on coming back to rescue him.
$400 Question from H2
Why is Adeline relieved when
she finds out she is to be a
boarder at Sacred Heart?
$400 Answer from H2
Adeline is relieved when she finds out she is to be
a boarder at Sacred Heart because this means that
she is not an orphan. Although she will live on
her own at the school, Adeline knows that her
parents are paying for her to attend school and in
a way taking ownership of her.
$500 Question from H2
Characterization: List 5 traits
Adeline possesses that allow her to
survive her difficult life.
$500 Answer from H2
Answers will vary :o)
$100 Question from H3
“His headache was as painful as a root canal
without the benefit of laughing gas.”
What literary technique is the aforementioned quote an example of:
$100 Answer from H3
$200 Question from H3
“Six Flags is the aquarium of roller coasters.”
What literary technique is the aforementioned quote an example of:
$200 Answer from H3
$300 Question from H3
“I looked at her lined, careworn face, her kind eyes peering
out from behind thick glasses, and her straight black hair
combed back into a bun with white strands above her ears.”
What literary technique is the aforementioned quote an example of:
$300 Answer from H3
$400 Question from H3
“You are like a hurricane: there’s calm in your eye, but I’m
getting blown away.”
What literary technique is the aforementioned quote an example of:
$400 Answer from H3
$500 Question from H3
What does the word aforementioned mean?
$500 Answer from H3
Cited or mentioned earlier or previously.
$100 Question from H4
Explain how Adeline “saved face” in
the egg incident at school.
$100 Answer from H4
“My parents know I hate boiled eggs. That’s why they never bring
me any,” I blurted out, my face burning with shame at the lie. “So
there is no possibility this egg can be mine!” (164).
Adeline lies to avoid embarrassment.
$200 Question from H4
What is it about King Lear that
appeals to Adeline? What
connections are there to her own
$200 Answer from H4
“The poetry and pathos (emotion) of Lear had moved
me so profoundly I simply couldn’t control myself.”
“So much his plight (dilemma; difficulty; situation)
seemed to mirror that of my grandfather at home.”
$300 Question from H4
What advice does Ye Ye give to Adeline?
$300 Answer from H4
 You must rely on yourself and not end up getting married off like Big Sister.
 Create your own destiny!
 Always remember my hopes are with you. Trust me! Continue to work
hard and one day you’ll show the world what you are really made of.
$400 Question from H4
What was sad about the timing of
Ye Ye’s death and Adeline’s
competition win?
$400 Answer from H4
Ye Ye died before Adeline won
the Playwriting Competition.
$500 Question from H4
How does Niang make Adeline feel
even worse at Ye Ye’s funeral?
$500 Answer from H4
Niang says to Father that Adeline was looking
uglier and uglier as she grew older and taller.
Adeline felt as if she was “being skinned alive.”
$100 Question from H5
What fate does Niang have in mind for
Adeline when school ends that summer?
$100 Answer from H5
She instructed Adeline to look for a job when school ended
that summer because Father had too many children to
support and could no longer afford her school fees.
$200 Question from H5
How is Adeline finally able to
convince her father to allow
her to attend university?
$200 Answer from H5
She promises him she will go to
medical school in England and
become a doctor.
$300 Question from H5
Which character goes against
Niang and sides with Adeline?
$300 Answer from H5
$400 Question from H5
How does Aunt Baba address
her letter to Adeline?
$400 Answer from H5
My precious little treasure…
$500 Question from H5
What is the name of Yen Mah’s
autobiography that follows her
memoir Chinese Cinderella?
$500 Answer from H5
Falling Leaves
Final Jeopardy
Who is Ye Xian?
Final Jeopardy Answer
Ye Xian is…
The Original Chinese Cinderella =)