Student Teaching ROUND UP - St. Cloud State University

Student Teaching ROUND UP
Office of Clinical Experiences
Student Teaching Application
You will need to complete:
Application form ONLINE
Download forms needed
Paper & pencil…take notes!
Due Date: Friday Oct. 24th to OCE
Turn in ALL parts as a package, not separately
Use the checklist Click on: “Field Experience
and Student Teaching Application”
Complete Online Application on a computer
(not on a phone)
Eligibility Sheet
Eligibility sheet for YOUR major
SPED: Most is completed in the SPED Dept.
Dbl Majors: fill out appropriate forms; get
signatures from both major advisors
Transfer students: make sure credits have
Get this signed prior to due date (see who
needs to sign: advisor, dept. rep, content
advisor, TDEV education advisor, etc.)
Apply to major
Apply to Teacher
Education (Dean’s
Office EB A 110)
GPA requirements
MTLE Basic Skills
prior to ST
APPLY to Student
Teach ON TIME,
GPA, not admitted
to teacher education
yet, etc.
CFS & Secondary…
Set an advising meeting NOW to
meet and get signature on your
 Email your advisor(s) and set an
 DO NOT wait!
Eligibility Deadlines…
El Ed:
Secondary Ed:
Oct 15th/Feb 15th semester prior to ST: Completion of all
Incompletes and Appeals, and removal of all grades
below C in required major courses (In Elem Handbook)
Oct 15th/Feb 15th semester prior to ST: Completion of all
Incompletes and Appeals, and removal of all grades
below C- in required major courses (In Handbook)
SPED: Apply to SPED Dept. + meet OCE Deadlines
CFS: OCE Deadlines
Other Requirements
SPED Teacher Candidates:
 You must ALSO APPLY in the SPED
 Deadlines are:
March 1 for Fall ST
 Oct. 1 for Spring ST
MTLE Testing Requirements
You must pass ALL MTLE Basic Skills
tests prior to Student teaching:
By January 15, 2015 for Fall 2015
student teaching
By Sept. 15, 2015 for Spring 2016
student teaching
Student Information
Information must be as current as
Husky Net Email only
Include schools you attended & graduated
from (cannot place you there)
OCE will not place you where you are
known, have family/friends working, where
your children attend
Licensure area(s): include ALL
Student Information
Where will you be living? Update
online as needed!
 OCE will place you within one hour
drive time maximum of where you
 Including more information helps us
make the best placement for you
Student Information
Accommodations needed? Special
circumstances? Let OCE know.
El Ed: 1 placement for Block 3 & 4 EXCEPT
for K and Math minors
Common Market (through another MNSCU
institution) very limited options-must
Out of State/International Opportunities
meeting dates (2-3 per semester)
 Include
any trainings, all
experiences working with
children, in school settings, etc.
 Proof your work!
 Ask a friend to proof your work!
 No color; No photos
 See
handout on application site
 Read your essay out loud…get a
friend to read it…be professional!
 El Ed: if strong preference for K3 or 4-6, state in essay
 CFS: OCE will generally request
2nd/3rd grade
Other Requirements
CPR & First Aid: Required ONLY for CFS
and Phy Ed or Phy Ed/Health
Liability Insurance: Education MN Apply
“Who We Are”, “Student Program”
(need credit card)
Other Requirements
Criminal Background Check (CBC)
required for most districts: OCE will
include this information with your
placement contract
ASAP! Do Not Wait!
Other Requirements
ElEd,CFS: SCSU Classes start Aug. 24
 Orientation Attendance Mandatory:
Fri. August 28, 2015
 ST begins August 31, 2015
 You will receive a reminder Email
 Jobs: Work, athletics, can NOT
interfere with your student teaching
hours and demands!
Double Majors:
Most Double Majors will ST over 1.5
semesters. Keep this in mind and
plan for this.
 There are some exceptions. Discuss
your requirements with your advisors
and with OCE.
Student Athletes
You MUST meet with OCE staff to
discuss practice and event/game
schedules, PRIOR to OCE making a
placement for you.
 Meet with OCE one semester ahead
so we can plan for you!
Do Not Attempt to Secure Your
Own Placement!!!!!
Placement Considerations
Goal: placement within one hour drive of
where you live
Goal: Diverse placement opportunities
within all field and student teaching
OCE will place you in a location where you
are not known…
You will not be placed in schools where you
have family/friends working, your children
attend school
Process to Secure Placements
Applications received in OCE database
You update as needed, within deadlines
Update address where living, add
major/minor/cognate, ex. PE add Health?
OCE sends files and request out to schools
semester prior
OCE secures placement
Hold placement meetings with you during
finals week: watch for posted signs!
You will sign a contract
Special Programs/Options
Common Market, Out of State,
International opportunities
 Aldine Texas opportunities (Houston)
 Partnerships: South Africa
 Attend OCE Meetings about these
opportunities (meeting dates posted
on OCE website)
See Kathy Watson or Fran
Umerski for any questions “Student Teaching”
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