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High School!
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Program of Studies for Students
Entering High School in 2014-2015
= Future Ready Core Curriculum
 Every North Carolina High School student must:
 Meet the course and credit requirements based on when
they entered high school as a ninth grader for the first time
(earn at least 28 of 32 credits attempted)
 Earn passing scores on three essential end-of-course
tests: Math I, Biology, and English II per UCPS Board of
Education Policy
Differences Between the Middle
School and High School
 High School courses are offered on block (or semester)
schedule. 4 classes 1st Semester; 4 classes 2nd Semester
Exception would be some higher level classes offered for upper class students
 Students have 4 classes per day – no homeroom
 First Bell is at 7:50 am and classes end at 2:55 pm
 Classes are formed based on student requests
Students and families work with counselors and staff to determine what
courses would support their success and what courses they are required to take
 Students are promoted based on credits obtained
How do we know what courses
our child should take?
 Your child’s current teachers and counselors will work
with you to determine what level of courses your child
should take
 High School Counselors have met with all 8th grade
students to introduce them to the High School Program
of Studies and how to select courses
 You, as a family, should read through the High School
Program of Studies. You can access it through the
Marvin Ridge High School website – under the School
Counseling > 2014- 2015 Registration Information tab.
Frequently Asked
Should my child Double-up?
 Look at your child’s 4 year High School Plan and work
backwards, for example:
If your child wants to take an AP/IB Math Course –
then they will likely need to double up on courses at
some point
If your child wants to take an AP World Language
course, then they will have to double-up on early
language classes
Frequently Asked
Should my child Double-up?
 If your child intends to take only the required
number of math classes (4) – then they should NOT
double up, as they need to take at least one math class
each year in high school.
 The ability to double up is not guaranteed.
Doubling up will require a waiver form.
Frequently Asked
What is the difference between College
Preparatory and Honors Level courses?
 Both prepare your child for college.
 Both teach the NC Standard Course of Study. Honors
courses have a more rigorous work-load and move at a
faster pace.
Honors courses require students to be self-motivated,
organized, and able to successfully manage their time.
Frequently Asked
What is the difference between College
Preparatory and Honors Level Courses?
 Colleges look for your child to take a rigorous course load in
which they can demonstrate success. For some students that is
Honors courses, for others it is College Preparatory.
 College Preparatory courses earn up to 4 quality points
 Honors courses earn up to 5 quality points
It is better to receive an A in a CP level class than a C in an
honors level class.
Frequently Asked
What is the difference between College
Preparatory and Honors Level Courses?
Quality Points
College Prep
Frequently Asked
 What is a typical 9th grade schedule?
Semester 1
Semester 2
Math (Math I, II or III)
English 1 (or 2)
World History
Earth and Environmental
Health and PE
 Ex. of Electives: World Language, CTE class, PE,
Arts (band, theatre, chorus, art), additional core class
Frequently Asked
What courses are needed to be promoted to
10th grade?
 6 credits are required to be promoted to 10th
 One of these courses must be English I
Frequently Asked
Tell me more about waiving into higher-level
 Teachers at MRHS defer to the recommendations of the middle school
teachers for appropriate course level placement. If you disagree with a
teacher’s recommendation, you may fill out a waiver form.
Waiving your child into a higher-level class is binding per UCPS policy.
It is HIGHLY recommended that you follow the recommendations
provided by your child’s teachers.
Waivers are due to MIDDLE SCHOOL counselors by April 22nd. Ideally,
we would like these forms completed by the day your child registers with
the high school counselors (April 8 – April 10). Please attach them to your
child’s registration card.
Athletic Eligibility
 Students must meet the following requirements in order to be
eligible to participate in high school athletics:
be in attendance at least 85% of the previous semester;
meet all Union County high school promotion standards;
earn passing grades for at least three course credits per
semester with block scheduling
A student who is promoted from the eighth grade automatically meets
course requirements for the first semester of the ninth grade.
 Attendance Matters. Attendance is calculated for each course
separately. If a student misses 8 or more classes, the student
may fail due to attendance.
 Community service and Club involvement is important for
college. MRHS has many clubs and activities for students to join.
 ALL courses in high school appear on the transcript that
colleges receive. All courses count.
 Rising 9th Grade Registration: April 8th, 9th, and 10th - High
school counselors will go to the middle school and register
To Do…
 Access the UCPS Program of Studies online or your paper
copy and discuss options with your child, especially for
 Select elective classes along with 3 alternates.
 Waivers are due by April 22nd.
Talk to your child’s guidance counselor at the Middle School
if you have questions.
Attend the break out sessions tonight that will allow you to
meet faculty in each department and find out more about the
Special Programs at the High School.
Thank you for
coming tonight!
We are looking
forward to each of
you joining us here at
Marvin Ridge High
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