NFPA 1710

NFPA 1710
Standard for the Organization and
Deployment of Fire Suppression
Operations, Emergency Medical
Operations, and Special Operations to the
Public by Career Fire Departments
The Technical Committee
30 members
10 Enforcers
7 Labor
6 Users
5 Special Experts
2 Consumers
Revision Schedule
Current Standard is the 2010 Edition
 Cycle 2015 (requested to change cycle)
 First Draft completed
◦ Public Input, and First Ballot
Second Ballot
◦ Public Input closed 5/16/14
Significant Proposals
Note: Added clarifying language to the Equivalency section.
Significant Proposals
Note: NFPA requires a specific number. The Technical Committee made it a
minimum of five (5) and struck “or six” in and made it a minimum
of six (6) in new
Significant Proposals
Note: Adds a descriptive title and an EMS component to this section.
Significant Proposals
Note: New Section and occupancy - Approximately 26 personnel
on the Initial Full Alarm this occupancy.
Significant Proposals
Note: New Section – Apartments. Initial Full Alarm will be approximately 26
Significant Proposals
Note – New Section (based on the NIST High-Rise Fireground Field
Experiments). The Initial Full Alarm Assignments will be approximately 37/38
Significant Proposals
Note: New language addressing the level of Training, adoption of
Standards required and inclusion of such in the Annual Report.
Other Information
Second Draft meeting will be held August
6-7, 2014.
 Notice of Intent to make a Motion
Closing Date will be 3/6/15.
 Posting of Second Draft will be 1/16/15
 Issuance Date (at latest) will be 8/20/15
To review specific language and updates.