Explore diet after reading The
Tiger Who Came to Tea.
Investigate pulleys after
reading the Lighthouse
Keeper’s Catastrophe.
Read Shirley Hughes Up
and Up to
explore flight.
The role play area will be an
ever changing laboratory
giving lots of hands on
science experience.
Science Explorers
We will use a range of stories to explore scientific ideas...
Investigate light having
read The Knight Who
Was Afraid of the Dark.
Repair items and
investigate floating,
inspired by the Fix-It
Duck stories.
Dances for Festival.
Research guinea pigs after
reading Christopher Nibble.
Audit our environmental
practices at school after
reading George Saves the
World by Lunchtime.
Forest Schools
Explore sound using the
Little Beaver and The Echo as
Visit Techniquest in Cardiff.
Visit the Viney Hill Centre
to experience bridge
Explore the environment
by reading A Flower in the
Forest and the Lorax by
Dr. Seuss.
Read Traction Man and then
investigate the use of