Political Science 120 – Problem based learning essay topics

Political Science 120 – Problem based learning essay topics. Subject to change and student
1. Analyse the party platforms of at least three of the main federal political parties in Canada
and decide who would you vote for, and why.
2. Compare and contrast the way in which democracy has developed in Canada and in Russia.
Which process holds more promise for the people? Why?
3. Weigh the evidence and conclude whether or not the war on terror has succeeded, or if it can
ever be won.
4. Assume the role of a political advisor and write a brief for the Prime Minister. Offer advice
on what Canada should do in regards to Afghanistan in the short, and long term.
5. Investigate, compare, and contrast the influence that money has on politics in the US and
Canada. Are there enough controls to ensure fair and competitive campaign financing?
6. Investigate, compare, and contrast the restrictions placed on campaign funding in the US and
Canada. Do the controls restrict the free speech of individuals or groups in a damaging way?
7. Investigate the issue of voter participation in elections. How could it be improved? Does it
need to be improved? Why?
8. Does the 2006 government accountability legislation work? What were the goals laid out by
the legislation? Was it necessary?
9. Is it better for the country to have a majority, or a minority, government?
10. Explore and explain the facets of what you believe to be the most important issue facing
Canada. How do you think it should be addressed?
11. Debate the claim that “The United Nations can solve any problem so long as it does not
involve a member of the Security Council.”
12. Analyse the Millenium Development Goals of the United Nations. What progress has been
made, and are they likely to be achieved?
13. “With our aging population and a scarcity of financial resources, we should revisit the
Canada Health Act’s five principles – particularly the single payer model.” Agree or disagree.
14. Should Canada adopt a proportional representation system to replace the first-past-the-post
system that is currently in use? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each system and
make a recommendation on how our system should work.
15. Determine whether there is a need for Senate reform in Canada. What is behind the history
of calls for senate reform? What are the problems and some potential solutions?